mia Peru Turin Poncho in White Melange

mia Peru Turin Poncho in White Melange

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HAND Loomed / 100% Baby ALPACA

One Size

Woven by hand in 100%  pure baby alpaca
Each garment carries our fair trade sign that guarantees a fair treatment to our workers and the conservation of the environment throughout the production process.

Care Instructions

Machine wash in wool cycle or by hand in warm water. Use mild soap or shampoo. Do not use detergents or bleach. Do not machine wash (if no wool cycle is available). Do not iron. Gently press wet garment to remove water. Do not wring or squeeze. Hand garment to drain and dry.

Dry Cleaning 

Ensure dry cleaner does not use bleach, detergents, or harsh chemicals. Temperature must not exceed 140 F.

Fold garment on a flat surface prior to storage. Do not hang for extended periods (several months), as the garment will loose its original form. Do not place the garment inside a plastic storage bag as the wool must 'breathe'. Cool and well-ventilated storage areas are recommended.

About the Wool

Many shepherds in the Peruvian Andes benefit from raising alpacas, which are native to the region. They do not need to cut down forests to create pasture, as these animals eat natural grass, called "Hichu", that grows at altitudes of 4,000 meters above sea level and higher. trees and other vegetation do not grow here, meaning there is no need to destroy the environment for pasture. The alpacas are not hared in any way for their wool. They are shorn - just like getting a haircut. This process creates a happy life for the alpacas, better incomes for the shephers, and a healthier, cleaner planet.


To create these beautiful handmade pieces, the MIA Peru groups of mothers work from home, with no need to go to a factory. They use knitting sticks and weave on looms, manual techniques that don't employ the use of polluting machines.

When each garment is finished, it gets a high-vapor bath to sterilize. It is then dried and packed for shipping immediately.

About MIA Peru

MIA Peru (Mothers in Action) is a Fair Trade company owned by mother and son, America Durand and Hans Valdez. Their vision is to produce beautifully-designed products that also have the added value of Fair Trade. To create more groups of mothers that are able to work from home, while providing a better standard of living for their entire family.

It is not only about the knitting, MIA Peru provides training for the mothers to be autonomous entrepreneurs. They are given workshops & lectures about education, nutrition, respect for environment, and more so they are the example for their communities.

MIA Peru share the annual benefits with each of our members and their families. They promote the most outstanding ones with prices and make loans or donations when is required.

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