16 Questions for 16 Years: A Chat with the Founder of janegee

16 questions for 16 years: Q&A with the founder of janegee

janegee is turning 16! We recently sat down with our founder and CEO, Jane, to reflect on the last 16 years. Read below to learn more about her journey in the natural skincare industry, what she’s learned over the years, and more. 

1. How did you get started in the skincare industry?

I was traveling around Australia and visited a beauty salon in Queensland. The practitioner there told me about her training and the concept of natural skincare. She casually made a comment one day that I would be very good in the industry and we got talking about it. I got excited because my younger brother had really severe cystic acne and he was the only one of us seven children that had this problem. So, I listened to what she had to say and learned that you truly cannot separate food and the environment from the condition of your skin. I was inspired by this and was hopeful I could help my brother and resolve his skin issues, which I eventually did!

2. Why was it important for you to create a skincare brand that is completely natural?

After being in the skincare industry for so long I was determined to create products that not only solved my clients’ skin issues, but that were also 100% natural. I believe that we are a part of nature and our bodies understand the signature of nature, whereas synthetics can cause disruption in the body.

3. What is Nutritional Skincare? 

I coined the phrase in 1984. Nutritional Functional Skincare is understanding how the skin works and choosing products to support its natural rhythm. You cannot separate your food from your skin. Skincare is an inside job. 

4. You have developed quite an extensive line of natural skincare products. What was the first product you created and what inspired it? 

The very first product I developed was the Sweet Stick. At the time, one of my clients was suffering from blistered lips and she asked if I would make her something to help. Little did I know that lip and body balm would become a signature product and one of our best-sellers. It is truly fabulous for just about anything. It can be used for cold sores, cracked lips, viral skin conditions, dry skin,  irritations, bug bites, diaper rash… and one of my favorite uses for nail growth! It helps make your nails grow long and strong.

5. Which janegee product is your favorite? 

That is a hard question to answer. Each and every janegee product was developed to solve a particular problem. I'm fond of every one of them. For my skin, I could absolutely never be without my Vitamin Creme. It is so incredibly nourishing and feels phenomenal on the skin.

6. Which janegee product do you think is the most underrated?

I’d say any of our nail care products. But if I had to choose just one, I think I’d choose our Cuticle and Nail Scrub. It’s fabulous for stimulating growth, softening cuticles, and cleaning up the nail plate. It's literally a manicure in a jar.

7. What is the best piece of advice you’ve received in the last 16 years?

”You can do this.” 
Each and every time I was faced with a major decision insecurity and doubt would creep in. My dear friend and business advisor would just tell me, “You can do this. You got this. You always overcome.” This always helped me because I believe life is all about overcoming and becoming.

8. What is the moment you're most proud of from the last 16 years?

Watching my business partner and daughter Sophie take the reins of janegee and help turn the company into what it is today.

9. Your daughter, Sophie, is your business partner and janegee’s COO. How did that come to be? Did she always have an interest in skincare like you growing up?

Sophie worked for me during her school holidays. She always had a great aptitude for business and has a great eye for detail. Initially, she did not have any interest in skincare. She went away to college to study business management. After she completed her degree she ended up becoming my business partner. janegee grew into what it is today because of her leadership and business skills. 

10. What is the most rewarding part of your job? 

Seeing my vision come to fruition is the biggest thrill. There is nothing that compares to developing a product that helps someone solve their skincare problem. Watching my clients step into their power and become strong, courageous, and confident individuals is what I love.

11. What is one product you would love to see added to the janegee line in the near future? 

Hmm, I must say I'd like to see a premixed mask for inflammatory skin conditions on the shelves one day. But I'd also love to have a janegee red lipstick, a signature color.

12. What are the most common skincare mistakes you see people making?

Using harsh products that strip the skin and change the way the skin is supposed to function.… Overworking it with scrubs, peels, and injections… Less really is more.

13. What is your #1 tip for aging gracefully? 

Slow down, take a breath, and embrace where you are in life. Eat healthy food, stay as close to nature as possible, get plenty of sleep, breathe, and create white space in your life every day. Love generously, laugh out loud, and most of all love yourself.

14. What are the most important parts of a skincare routine?

Here at janegee we have 5 Tenets of Healthy Skin: Cleanse, Balance, Mineralize, Hydrate, and Detox. The world has changed and pollution plays a big part in your skin aging rapidly. I developed these 5 Tenets to hopefully change the mindset on what good skincare looks like. We believe less is always more and that when following the 5 Tenets of Healthy Skin, you can achieve healthy and glowing skin with 5 products or less.

15. Why is self-care important to you?

One needs to love themself and honor their place in the world in order to truly be present and love another.

16. What are your favorite ways to practice self-care?

I love to take the time to soak in a bath filled with janegee Dead Sea Salts or a janegee Bath Soak.  It's my time out. I finish off with a total body moisturizing session. I feel totally relaxed and indulgent.