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Janegee Dry Shampoo is my new favorite haircare product that I cannot be without! I have tried many big brand dry shampoos and I haven’t been able to find one that can handle my level of oily hair until now. My hair is very fine and if I don’t wash it daily, it gets so oily to the point where I don’t feel comfortable leaving the house! As a new mom, I don’t always have time to wash my hair everyday anymore, so it’s Janegee Dry Shampoo to the rescue! Thank you for creating such a great product, Jane!


There was something about the flower on the business card that caught my eye—the simple beauty of the pink gerbera. I was intrigued so I called jane to find out what this was all about. I have been to numerous aestheticians both here and on the seacoast so I was curious to learn why she was different. I knew after a few minutes speaking with Jane that I had to meet her. She listens to you, makes you feel welcome and special. She is truly a skin genius.


Jane creates an environment that feels welcoming and safe. Truly a unique and unforgettable experience, a treatment with Jane is like no other!

D.B. East Kingston (Healer & Esthetician)

This truly feels as though you have had a vacation. Taking the “Cure” is commonplace in Europe. I now intend to make it a part of my health and wellness plan and I don’t have to find an airfare or leave home to do it! Do yourself a favor and take the Cure!

Last summer my best friend surprised me with a session with Jane. I wasn’t sure what to expect but I knew it would be wonderful as Kathy had had such wonderful results. I am in my mid 40’s with natural signs of aging, my skin was red, fine and easily lined, my crows feet were beginning to move down onto my cheeks and the lines around my mouth were getting deeper. I’ve been told by aestheticians that my skin is ”thin” and delicate with the capillaries close to the surface. I have always taken care of my skin and thought it was good as it was ever going to be. I have been working with Jane for a year and the changes have been short of miraculous. Jane spent a great deal of time educating me so I would understand how my skin functioned and prescribed products and protocols that best suited me. I changed my routine to use the janegee line and her custom blends.. Even though I live in Ontario, Jane assured me that we would be able to continue my treatments over the phone and she would be able to provide me with the products that I need and she was right!

I have been struggling with rosacea and eczema for eight years, and after endless visits to dermatologists, estheticians, naturopathic doctors, and acupuncturists, Jane was the first person who was able to offer me relief. Her treatments and products are like no other. Due to Jane’s immense knowledge, her keen eye, and her infinite support, my skin is significantly healthier than it was a year ago. Jane Gee is an intuitive and a healer; she delves into the deeper layers of a person, assesses what is going on within the body, and in turn, tailors her treatments to individual needs, working with each person to regain her own skin health. I feel so fortunate to have found Jane; she is a living, breathing example of a person practicing what she was born to do.


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