janegee body treatments are personalized, therapeutic, and designed to enhance your well-being.

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LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE | de-stress, relax, purify 
Boost circulation, purify the body, and relax the mind with our newly revamped full-body lymphatic drainage service. You will love this top-to-toe treatment. It works deeper than massage and is more effective than manual lymphatic drainage. We use colored light therapy, gentle cupping, aromatic oils, and a specialized janegee clarifying face mask to achieve a full body detox.

| 90 min $225

Using a blend of botanical and essential oils we stimulate your lymphatic system, increase blood flow, and detox your body. Great for pain management, inflammation, and aiding in weight loss.

| 35 min $65
add to your facial for $35

THE CURE | total body detox
An extensive treatment for mind, body, and soul. This head-to-toe treatment de-stresses, detoxes, and rejuvenates using lymphatic drainage, acupressure, far infrared heat, oils, clays, algae, and reiki. Before your appointment be sure to eat, hydrate, and bring along a snack. We recommend a light schedule after the treatment.

| 4 hours $450 


REIKI | total body relaxation
Reiki is a natural therapy that gently balances life energies and brings a sense of health and well being to the body.  De-stress, relax, and let go.  This is total body relaxation.

| 60 min $85

LIGHT TOUCH THERAPY | renew & reset
Light Touch Therapy is a gentle modality that resets your system by increasing communication between your brain and body to improve overall health.

Light Touch Therapy uses the natural approach to reconnect and repair all aspects of healthy body function through the biofield, meridians, neurological system, fascia, and connective tissue. It supports speedy recovery from illness and injury by giving your body what it needs to thrive and decreasing your downtime. This gentle, safe, fast, non-invasive practice allows your body to heal itself and reset naturally.

Benefits: eases pain, deepens relaxation, reduces trauma or stress, increases focus, improves lymphatic function, increases circulation, improves sleep, enhances cognitive function, and more!

Light Touch Therapy does not replace your medical practitioner.

| 60 min $125
add to your facial for $75

NRT is the study of how the different acupuncture points on the body's surface relate to the state of health and the flow of energy in every organ and function of the body. NRT uses reflex and acupuncture points to access the body's wisdom. Each reflex point represents a specific organ or function. 

Here at janegee, we believe external skincare problems are almost always related to what is occurring inside of the body. Your skin is a window into your digestive system and when it is not functioning properly, many clients experience a variety of inflammatory skin conditions. NRT allows our practitioners to locate parts of the body that aren’t functioning properly, provide skincare recommendations that support the individual conditions, and discuss possible supplements that would support overall health. NRT is a valuable educational tool to help discover the support the body needs to be in good working order.

| 60 min $125 
| 20-min follow-up $50

We believe good digestion is not only the key to healthy skin but to a healthy body and lifestyle. Ayurveda is a centuries-old Hindu system of nutrition that was developed alongside yoga as the best means to prevent illness and imbalance. Our in-house certified Ayurvedic Nutritional Coach is here to help you discover the fantastic benefits of nourishing your body based on your individual constitution, also known as your dosha. A dosha is one of the three primary elements and energies that exist in the body (Vata, Pitta, and Kapha). Your coach will help you discover your dosha and provide recommendations to properly eat for your dosha. Remember, no two skins are alike and no two bodies are alike. Taking an individualized approach to your health will lead to lasting results. When your ​​mind, body, and spirit are all functioning properly your body is in its healthiest state.

| 60 min $125 
| 20-min follow-up $50


Click here to BOOK ONLINE, to view our FULL MENU, or CONTACT US with any questions.