3 Simple Ways to Care for Your Lymphatic System

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The lymphatic system is the body’s drainage system. It works 24/7 to keep your body healthy by cleaning up and disposing of toxins and waste correctly. When the lymphatic system is healthy it contributes to other major bodily functions. These functions include filtering the lymph and blood, helping to remove impurities from the body, reducing the chances of infection, providing immunological defenses, and improving circulation. Because of that, a congested lymphatic system can be detrimental to your health. So how can you help promote lymphatic function? Let’s dive into three easy ways!

1. Lymphatic Tapping

Wake up your body and encourage your lymph to move. Practicing a simple 5-minute lymphatic tapping routine will kick-start your lymphatic system and help you remove waste and toxins from your body. Follow this exercise with some shaking or skipping for a minute or so. Watch Jane’s tutorial below:

2. Dry Body Brushing

Dry body brushing stimulates the movement of fluids within your body and helps filter out toxins. This practice is as simple in practice as it sounds in theory. All you need is a natural, non-synthetic, soft-bristled brush. This ritual is best performed before you shower on dry skin.


  1. Make sure your skin is completely dry.
  2. Start at your feet, moving up the legs on both sides using firm, but gentle brush strokes.
  3. Continue working from your arms toward your chest, and then your back.
  4. On your stomach, brush in a clockwise circular motion.
  5. Follow with a warm shower and your favorite moisturizer to lock in all of your hard work.

Pro Tip: Always make three long strokes toward your heart, avoiding any back-and-forth, or scrubbing motions.

3. Body Oiling

This Ayurvedic ritual is known to not only hydrate your body, but also boost your immune system. A body oil self-massage is an effective way to encourage the lymph to eliminate toxins. It’s an easy practice to add to your after-shower routine.


  1. After showering, place a towel below you on the floor.
  2. Choose your favorite janegee Body Oil.
  3. Begin massaging from your feet up, applying firm and slow compression.
  4. When you’ve reached your abdomen area, use broad, circular, clockwise motions.
  5. Add more oil to the skin as needed.
  6. After completing this ritual, dress In comfortable, loose clothing and give yourself a few minutes to rest and ground your breath.

We encourage you to add these practices to your everyday routine. You will truly feel the difference when the lymph is fully functioning. Also, if you are local to Portsmouth, NH you can also schedule a Lymphatic Drainage service with one of our professionals!

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