7 Natural Ways to Get a Well Scented Home

When I think of room scents, for some reason my head goes to deodorizers - and those are not very nice!

I got to thinking about home scent after many guests commented on the lovely scent in my home. It is fresh and clean and makes me feel happy. I am in love with plants and their natural scent – to have lavender buds, a few rose petals, or some lovely lemon verbena strewn around the house to squeeze just so I can smell their intoxicating scents. I love to diffuse oils into the air to clean and uplift as well. I have also realized that the scent of our store carries itself home on my clothes, permeating the air and lingering long enough to fill the house with its wonderful blend of natural scents.

Our homes generally reflect our personalities, so why shouldn’t scent? Scent for your home is like adding the right piece of jewelry to your outfit – the icing on the cake so to speak. You might like to have different scents in each room. To fill the kitchen with warm spicy scents or the lovely fragrance of sweet orange blossoms, the bathroom with lemon or lemon verbena, in the bedroom you could use rose or lavender…or spray the house with one scent that you love and watch it take on its own personality in each room. Either way I have realized that I love pure clean fragrances. I love to see people walk in, inhale deeply, and feel as though they are somewhere special like a nice hotel.

Here are a few of my favorite ways to scent your home:

Ultrasonic Diffusers - my favorite way of emitting scent into a room. You can get really clever here and use oils for different purposes such as sleep, cold and flu prevention, or just for the amazing scent.

Reed Diffusers – a slow release scent that will stay in the background, these are lovely to have all year round.

Spray – this is a do-it-yourself option. Find a natural scent that you love, perhaps an essential oil, and add a few drops with enough water to fill up a spray bottle. You will have to shake it before use, as oil and water don’t mix, and then spray your room, furniture, and linens with it. Make sure it is mixed properly before spraying on linens so it does not stain.

Himalayan Salt Rocks – known to clean and purify the air, this is a good option for a slow release fragrance. Just place a few rocks in a bowl and add a couple drops of your favorite essential oil.

Fresh Herbs – placed in a vase or laid on a table to slowly dry, these will emit a lovely fresh scent.

Candles – a nice and classic way to scent your home. Select a natural candle with essential oils for a true aromatherapy experience.

Last but not least – I have just developed a new signature scent I think you will love! It is very close to the scent of the store – fresh, clean, with a touch of citrus, floral notes and grounding rosemary. I have called it “No.107” after the number of the store. I do hope you will try it. We are in love with it! It is available now in a diffuser blend and soon to come in a room spray. I hope it will be the first of many gorgeous scents.