7 Ways to Upcycle janegee Packaging

As Earth Day is approaching, we want to reflect on the impact that we have on the environment. Are we doing our part to take care of our planet? What can we do better?

Here at janegee, we are botanically based. This is our commitment to our planet. It stands to reason that sustaining the earth’s precious resources is a huge priority for us. We aim to reduce, reuse, and recycle as many items as we can. We choose growers and suppliers who share our ethics, organic practices, and commitment to sustainability. We work closely with them to ensure the products we make for you are made from the highest quality, safest ingredients. We also focus on reducing our toxic load. If our rivers and oceans are polluted, we need to look at what we are using and recognize that when it goes down the drain, it ends up in our waterways.

We know that climate change and its effects can be overwhelming. However, there are many steps we can take to reduce our carbon footprint! One easy way to start is by upcycling! Instead of throwing away your empty janegee packaging you can upcycle it and give it a new purpose! Keep reading to learn 7 ways you can upcycle your janegee packaging.

Candle Jars

1. Makeup Products Storage

Candle jars are so versatile when it comes to upcycling. Once all the wax is removed, you can use the glass jar to hold anything from makeup brushes, lip products, cotton swabs, etc! This sleek jar is perfect for displaying your favorite products on your vanity.

Not sure how to remove the leftover wax from your candle jar? Here are two methods:

  1. Heat the remaining wax with a hair dryer and then dump the melted wax into the trash. Then wipe the jar down and wash it out.
  2. Place the jar into a pot with an inch or two of simmering water. Once it heats the wax, the wax should separate and rise to the top to be easily removed.

2. Change Jar

If you have loose change around, upcycle your janegee candle jar into a change jar. As with the product holder upcycle, all you have to do is remove the leftover wax! Then you can use the jar to hold all of your spare change. The wooden lid also makes this jar look clean and neat to put on your countertop!

3. Gratitude Jar

Repurpose your empty candle jar into a gratitude jar. Gratitude jars are a wonderful way to remind yourself of the moments that made you smile and the things you are grateful for! A great way to start is by writing down one or two moments of gratitude each week. Then, when you’re feeling down or having a rough day you can go back to your jar, pull out a note, and be reminded of the things that you are grateful for.

4. Small Planter

Our candle jars can also double as repurposed small planters. After you have cleaned out your candle jar, fill the empty jar with soil. Then, simply transfer a small succulent or plant into the soil. If you want to customize your new planter, you can paint a beautiful design on the outside of the glass!

Vitamin Creme Jar

5. Container for Small Accessories

We found that our Vitamin Creme jar is the perfect size to hold those small accessories that can be easily misplaced! The Vitamin Creme jar can hold multiple hair ties, clips, rings, and earrings. You can also easily take it with you in your travel bag when you’re on the go!

Shipping Box

6. Gift Boxes

Ordering a gift for someone else online? Don’t throw away the packaging! Our products come shipped in beautiful boxes with paper filling that can be reused to wrap your gifts! Simply open the package, add your own card for the recipient, and wrap outside of the box in whatever festive paper you have laying around!

Floral Water

7. Spray Bottle

When your Floral Water is gone, you can rinse out the bottle, fill with water, and reuse it as a regular spray bottle. This spray bottle would be great for misting small plants around the house or spraying down fly-aways while fixing your hair! You could also fill it with cold water and take it with you on hot summer days to cool down!

While these are just a few ways that you can upcycle your empty product packaging, there are so many more. Get creative with your repurposing! Have fun with it! By giving your products’ empty containers new life, you are saving them from just going straight into a landfill. We hope you found these ideas helpful and have fun doing some upcycling of your own!