Beautiful Lashes: To Tint or Not To Tint?

To save time on your beauty routine, we highly recommend trying a tint. Eye lash tinting and brow tinting are two regular services offered here at janegee. For the moms, workout gurus, and low maintenance gals - this is simply the best! Gone are the days of mascara running down your face that leaves you looking like a zombie. Not to mention the time spent filling in your brows each and every morning before leaving the house. Pick one or try both, you won’t regret spending a little extra time with us to save a whole-lotta time at home.

The process is simple and quick – it takes no longer than 20 minutes. We start by applying our all natural balm to a clean canvas to protect the skin from absorbing any color, then we apply the tint. The processing time varies on the hair texture and color. A polished, defined look awaits once the extra tint is cleaned away. Don’t worry, this tint is as natural as it comes! The vegetable based colors have varied shades that are hand mixed to match your complexion and hair. Hydrogen peroxide is used as the developer to help the color molecules attach to the hair.

Some women feel naked in the morning if they don’t have at least a little mascara on. This service is the game changer. Getting your lashes or brows tinted will free you up from having to apply your mascara or brow makeup for weeks. Between the time spent applying your makeup and the time spent actually finding a good mascara that, hopefully, is not full of chemicals that are harmful to the eye area, we end up spending a lot of time on something that could be taken care of in only 20 minutes every 4-6 weeks! When you have this service done you can count on a natural enhancement that has friends and family members wondering what your secret is.

Our focus is on simplifying what makes us feel good and look good so we can spend more time doing what we love with who we love.