Beauty. It's more than just a pretty face

Beauty, it’s more than skin deep. Beauty, like happiness, is an inside job. A do-it-yourself kind of thing. Beauty lies within the way we fuel our bodies. It lies within our mindset, how we care for ourselves, how we treat others, how we spend our free-time and beyond.

Lucky for us, we have the power to shape the way in which the world looks at and defines beauty. Allowing beauty to come from a place of living mindfully, living heart-centered and naturally rather than focusing on how pretty our face and/or body is. Beauty is more, WE are more than what meets the eye.

Being and feeling beautiful starts with us and how we view ourselves. Building self-confidence, self-acceptance and self-love, and cultivating a deeper, more honest relationship within so that we can continue to spread the love outward unto others; creating a ripple effect, if you will.

Speaking of self-love, when is the last time, if ever, you told yourself “I love you” or “You are beautiful”? Pause. Yes, right now. This may sound silly, but trust us. Stand in front of a mirror. Look at yourself. Without critiquing what you see. Really look at yourself. Observe all that you are. Now, outloud, say “{insert your name here}, you are beautiful” OR “I love you {insert your name here}.” Repeat three times (or as many times as it takes until you begin to believe it). Do it. Go ahead, we’ll wait…

How did that feel? Perhaps it felt a bit uncomfortable (which is completely normal). Building self-love, like anything else, is a practice. Developing positive self-talk, understanding self-worth, creating healthy habits, it all takes practice. We support you on this journey towards beauty, so here are some ways you can continue to let your inner beauty radiate outward:

Living connected & mindfully:

    • Create a daily meditation practice. Meditation allows us to turn inward. To pause and listen. To connect to our senses, breath and body. Meditation reduces stress & anxiety, sharpens the mind, improves energy and SO much more. And when we give ourselves space to become aware & mindful, we begin to shine from the inside out.
    • Spend time in nature, connecting to the beauty of the outdoors. Nature has a way of calming the mind. Being outside can improve happiness, spark creativity, reduce stress and leave us feeling oh-so-refreshed. So, get up and get out(doors)!
    • Positive self-talk. Begin to take note (jot it down in a journal) on how you speak to yourself. Notice patterns. Do you have a script of negative self-talk? If so, swap one negative word with one of positivity. Learn to speak to yourself as you would others, with kindness and love. Try adding the exercise from above to your daily/weekly routine. Write daily affirmations. Or even digging in to find attributes about yourself that you are truly grateful for. Reframing the way we speak to ourselves can dramatically improve our self-confidence and when we feel confident it shifts the way we carry ourselves through the world!
  • Daily movement (and we aren’t talking strictly vigorous exercise here - it’s all about balance). Movement, something as simple as a 30-minute walk, shifts the stagnant energy in our bodies, reduces stress, boosts your mood, improves sleep and overall health. So, listen to the type of movement your body craves (yoga, swimming, running, lifting, hiking, you name it) and then move your body, mindfully.

  • Nutrition, sleep & skincare (oh-my!):

      • Eat mindfully. Have you ever paid attention while chewing your food? Paused to truly notice the taste and texture? Being mindful while eating not only allows you to enjoy your food, but also helps you to slow down, be present and brings awareness to how you chew your food. Chewing your food properly helps the digestive enzymes better do their job in the intestines (less gas, bloating and post-meal fatigue). Give it a try!
      • Food is medicine. As you’ve heard us say, the skin is directly correlated to the gut. When our gut is happy, our skin is happier, and when our skin is happy we feel radiant! So, it’s wise to properly fuel and nourish our body. Choose nutrient dense, anti-inflammatory, whole foods (and as always, lots of water). Listen and pay attention to how you feel while you eat and after you eat. Try food journaling. Logging what you eat and when you eat it. Become aware of what foods make you feel like your best self and which foods make you feel blah. That way you can feel empowered by what you put into your body!
      • Get adequate sleep. Daily recommended sleep ranges from 7-10 hours per night. Although, you know your body best. Pay attention to when you wake feeling rejuvenated and when you’re operating at your best. Adequate sleep also allows our body time to rest & digest, reduces stress, prevents unwanted weight gain,and produces growth hormones that regenerate cell renewal for healthy hair, skin and muscles. So you have our permission, get more sleep!
  • Develop a skincare regimen. Choosing nourishing, natural products to cleanse, hydrate and protect your skin will improve the health of your skin and make you feel more confident! The benefits of beautiful skin go beyond the surface. Come by the store to find the line that’s just right for you!

    Like we said, beauty is more than skin deep, and we have the power to find our true beauty within. To speak beautifully to ourselves and to others. To fuel ourselves with beautiful foods. To live life beautifully from the inside out.

    We’d love to hear how you incorporate these beauty tips into your routine and most importantly, we want to know when you feel like the most beautiful version of yourself? What’s your secret?