Benefits of a Regular Pedicure

There’s something to be said about kicking off the spring season with a fresh pedicure. Not only are pedicures a great way to pamper your feet and leave you feeling ready for your favorite open-toed shoes, but believe it or not, they carry health benefits as well!

Here are our favorite reasons to treat yourself to a regular pedicure:

    • Appearance: Your feet and nails will look clean, polished and smooth. Plain and simple.
    • Prevent infection: Dry, cracked skin, torn hangnails and ingrown nails can lead to infection. That’s why we suggest keeping nails & cuticles trimmed, removing calluses and deeply moisturizing your feet.
    • Therapeutic: Pedicures are a wonderful way to relax. From the warm foot soak to the foot & leg massage, you will relieve muscle tension and stress. Need we say more?
    • Improve circulation & lymphatic flow: Foot and leg massages not only feel therapeutic & blissful, but they also stimulate blood circulation and aid in lymphatic drainage in the lower body; clearing toxins, alleviating swelling and relieving pain.

Well, who knew pedicures were more than a treat for your feet?! Alongside the benefits, we do want you to keep in mind that there can be health risks involved with getting pedicures. Be sure your spa/salon of choice follows proper sterilization protocols for their footbaths and tools to prevent bacterial and fungal infections.

Here at janegee, we offer a variety of pedicure options designed to fit your desires (and budget). From a classic, express, restorative (and beyond), our pedicures are personalized, therapeutic, and are the ultimate in luxury for your nails and feet. We indulge you with pure botanical oils and lotions, detoxing clays, mineral rich algae, and mineral salts. Our nail services all include soothing soaks, a relaxing massage, and pure aromatherapy for your sense. We also use specialized “ten-free” non toxic nail care products and our bowls are made from a resin that is impervious to bacteria and other microbes that you could catch from a previous client.

So, go ahead and pamper yourself with one of our luxurious treatments. Satisfaction guaranteed!