Changing Times

We are living history. Living the long-held prophecy and beliefs of many indigenous nations and prophets from all time. No matter your belief system, religion, or devotion, all rivers run to the ocean as all spiritual belief systems lead to your own spiritual awakening. 

Many of you have been on your own spiritual path and on this path may have pondered why you have been meditating? What’s the purpose? Why is it that you are doing the work? Why are you investing in healing yourself, reading all those self-help books?

Well, this is it. The rehearsal is over. It’s time to put your practices to the test, to take your teachings and live in their truth. For it is times like these where we can implement our discoveries.

Together, we are in the shift, the ending of life as we have known it, and the beginning of the new. This is a call to unite as one race to live better lives, to be in tune with nature and the natural cycles of life. If you look around you, people are beginning to value those things that are more important than anything else. Family, health, concern for your neighbor. We are witnessing a positive shift in our environment. We are witnessing the world coming together, even though we are apart. We are taking a stand for one another, finding creative ways to express love for those near and far. We are collectively being challenged to walk in compassion, empathy, to be of service and rise to our highest self.

Our native American and indigenous tribes have never lost touch with this truth, and now it’s our time to see what we are made of, individually and as one. This is the time to turn within. To dive deep, deeper than you have ever gone before. To pause and seek the lesson that lies within this space of uncertainty, this space of unknown waters. To ask ourselves, what type of person do I want to be? One who lives in fear or one who lives in love? Go beyond the ego and meet yourself. Meet your truest, highest self. Choose light over dark. Good over evil. Love over fear.

Now, more than ever, we need ourselves and we need each other. Now, more than ever we must focus on self-care, on health and well being for ourselves, our families and our neighbors.

Things you can do for health care and natural well being:

    • Allow yourself to feel. This type of work is not easy. Living in this newness that none of us have experienced before can spark a wide array of emotions. Be patient with yourself. Be kind to yourself. Feel what you need to feel and keep moving forward, towards love and compassion
    • Create white space everyday. Unplug. Take a break from social media, television, all devices. Check out a recent blog post for more white space inspiration.
    • Meditate. Daily. Get quiet, allow your thoughts to come and go. Connect with your breath, mind and body. Or, try a silent walking meditation. Pay attention and observe the nature and sounds around you. Bring your family with you and challenge them to remain in silence and share your discoveries together afterward as a family.
    • Fuel your body with nutrient dense meals, packed with immune boosting vitamins and minerals (see a list of supporting supplements below). Stay hydrated. Get adequate sleep.
  • Move your body. Try an at home workout. Many studios and gyms are now offering online virtual classes/programs. Stretch. Walk outside. Get your energy flowing!
      • Walk barefoot on the earth. The earth electrons that flow naturally between your body and the earth will recalibrate your whole system.
      • Go for a walk in the woods. Foresting is beneficial for your physical and mental health. It’s known to lower blood pressure, reduce stress, improve hormone function and gives you a deeper sense of well-being.
      • Write. Journal. Compose a handwritten letter to someone you care about. Start a blog. Get a head start on that book you want to write.
      • Get creative. Draw, color, paint, start a craft project. 
  • Sing, like no one is listening.
  • Dance, like no one is watching.
  • Play. A board game, a puzzle, cards. Just play!
  • Stare out a window and let your mind wander
    • Speak words of gratitude. Say thank you every morning and every night. Say it out loud so nature hears you. All day every day be mindful of being grateful for every little happy or positive thing that happens to you. By doing this you change your vibration. You will notice abundance all around you and soon it becomes a part of you. You will always feel happy and full.
    • Think of what you can do for others before you fill yourself up with your own wants and desires.

    I believe that we are being called to a higher purpose. A unity amongst leaders, community and nations with a shared purpose of hope and love and humanity.

    Let’s become better together, because together we can hold each other up.

    Stay well. 

    Supplements to support your system

    • Monolaruin- acts similarly to a flu shot to protect you from getting flus and viruses
    • Vitamin C: heals at a deep cellular level, boosts immunity
    • Vitamin D: responsible for over 1000 actions in the body
    • Zinc Sulphate: helps the body fight off viruses

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