Community Partnership - The Power of The Purse


We are thrilled to announce the janegee Portsmouth location is officially a Purseverance 207 (P207) drop off location! 

Sometimes you come across a cause or an organization that you immediately feel a connection to. We feel incredibly fortunate to have found Purseverance 207, whose mission we believe in wholeheartedly. This organization works tirelessly to empower all women in our community. We are excited to begin raising awareness, collecting donations, and connecting with our janegee family in-store. 

Purseverance 207 was founded by Latonya Wallace, a powerhouse in the community for continuously encouraging the empowerment of women. Her original inspiration for the organization came from a post on social media about filling bags with necessities for the homeless, which gave birth to a passion inside of her heart; empowering women, one purse at a time. 

The mission of Purseverance 207 is to empower transitioning women who are living in homeless shelters, recovery centers, domestic violence shelters, or any place that is helping women, lost in the darkness, find their way into their light by giving them a purse filled with encouragement, necessities, and something tangible, that is theirs and theirs only. 

Women persevere. They fight to regain their footing, they crawl their way back from their darkest days because they refuse to give up. Purseverance 207 shows these women that someone in the world has their backs. No judgement, no questions. Just a group of women who want to shine their own light for them, while they work their way back to their own. 

There are so many ways to support Purseverance 207. No matter the donation, big or small, know you are making a difference in the life of a fellow woman. Here’s a list of items that would help this organization continue its mission. All physical donations can be dropped off at our Portsmouth janegee located at 107 Congress Street, Portsmouth NH, 03801. 


If you aren’t local to us or don't have the chance to drop donations off in-store, here are two additional donation options. 

Send donations directly to Purserverance 207 via Amazon here.

Send monetary donations via PayPal here.

We can't wait to see the community come together to support each other. Now more than ever, it's so important to spread kindness! For more information on Purseverance 207 please visit their site here.