Cracked Fingers, Hands, and Feet - Oh MY!

Is it just us or did the temps drop awfully quick this year? Does this cold, raw weather have your skin feeling dry, sore, cracked? The harsh, cold climates can leave your skin rough to touch, scaly and can even cause splitting or bleeding. If this sounds all too familiar, keep calm and read on! We have the causes and solutions just for you.


The Elements

Some of the more obvious culprits of dry cracked skin are those dreaded cold winter winds and dry indoor air! It’s best to bundle up and avoid exposing your skin on those oh-so-blustery days. And with those chilly temps comes a warm, cozy home, which typically means dry air and low-humidity. Consider adding moisture to your home by using a humidifier or by adding more indoor plants into your home! 

Washing Hands Too Frequently

Washing hands too frequently can offset the pH of your skin and removes the natural protective layer of oil. Removing the top layer of the skin, also known as the stratum corneum, causes the skin to feel rough.f this continues  Irritation, inflammation and rashes will surely follow.

Tips & Tricks to Properly Washing your Hands:

  • Use a good, natural soap made with botanical oils and rich in moisture and nutrients.
  • Dry hands thoroughly after washing.
  • Use a great hydrating hand cream or buttercreme. 

Possible Nutrient Deficiencies

We, of course, recommend you to consult your healthcare provider to determine this, but dry, cracked and sore skin could mean a nutrient deficiency. The most common are zinc, iron, protein or vitamins A, B or C. 

B vitamin deficiencies such as vitamin B12, vitamin B3 and vitamin B6 are particularly known for causing dryness, itchy and dry skin and dermatitis. Vitamin C is crucial for collagen production and a deficiency may lead to ageing and dry skin, and a deficiency in vitamin A can also lead to skin dryness. While a lack of zinc or iron can result in various forms of dermatitis. 

Again, check in with your healthcare provider to determine your vitamin and nutrient levels. In the meantime, consider your hydration level or perhaps increase oils intake with high gamma linoleic acid such as borage seed oil, fermented fish oils etc.


Lucky for all of us, we specialize in top-notch skin care and have the perfect line of products to help you combat dry body, face, and nails: 
  • Add janegee body oil to your warm bath - both soothing & moisturizing!
  • Apply a janegee lotion following a bath or shower, while skin is damp to lock in moisture.
  • Take janegee dead sea salt baths to hydrate, soothe and add minerals to the body.
  • Try dry body brushing to stimulate circulation and lymphatic movement.
  • Apply a janegee buttercreme - a super hydrating, moisture rich butter designed to repair extra dry skin overnight.
  • Use janegee sweet stick to treat cracked fingers, feet and fissures on the feet. It will heal, repair and hydrate!
  • You may have heard us say this before, but aim to take warm showers or baths rather than using piping hot water!


  • You may have read about our Elixir on our last post! Add this to your skin routine for deep hydration and to correct and balance your skin.
  • Try using one of our face oils to your winter skincare regime, which will give you a boost in nutrients and hydration! I love my face oil, soothing, hydrating, and healing.
  • Get into the habit of spritzing your skin with a janegee floral water (pure botanical hydrosol) throughout the day. It will add another layer of moisture and minerals to your skin, because the more minerals in your skin, the better you are able to hold hydration.


  • Try our cuticle stick to hydrate, stimulate and strengthen dry brittle nails.
  • Use our janegee nail serum for rejuvenating stressed nails.
  • janegee hand creme for daily hydration- it’s like a vitamin therapy for your hands.
  • Instead of washing hands when out and about carry some janegee hand sanitizer with you. To clean, disinfect and hydrate your skin.

Keep this list of tips & tricks handy as we approach the winter season so we can kiss those cracked fingers, hands, and feet goodbye! As always, stop in to visit our skin care professionals for a consultation or to receive recommendations on which products to use. We hope to see you soon!

According to Cleveland Clinic Journal of Medicine. 2016 October;83(10):731-739

Fabrizio Galimberti, MD, PhD  
Natasha A. Mesinkovska, MD, PhD