Holiday Skincare 101: Three Things that Could be Affecting your Skin


Tis the season for celebrating with friends and family near and far! It warms our hearts to start seeing small glimpses of how the holidays used to be! Our little seaside town is full of familiar faces and so many new tourists! While the holidays are about celebrating, giving, and hosting, it is not uncommon to notice some not so welcome changes in your skin! 

We’re here to break down some of the reasons we often see clients experiencing breakouts this time of year and how you can best avoid them. Let’s start with one thing many of us might all indulge in around the holidays, a little too much! 

Unhealthy Food Options

The holidays are often celebrated by enjoying tasty food and drinks with the ones you love! Now let’s start off by saying, we’re not telling you to restrict yourself from enjoying a sweet treat every once in a while, but avoiding large amounts of sugar and alcohol can help keep your skin healthy and glowing!  

Too much sugar and alcohol are often dietary triggers leading to acne and congestion. 

Let’s break down some of the science behind this. ​​Ingesting excess amounts of carbs, sugars, and highly processed foods creates high levels of glucose in the bloodstream. The pancreas will respond to the increase in glucose by producing more insulin. High insulin in the blood triggers IGF-1 which in turn increases the production of androgens in the ovaries. This increases oil production, hyperkeratinization, and enlarges the pores which leads to acne.

There are no two skins alike, and this means every person will respond differently to dietary triggers. Eat in moderation and listen to what your skin and body are telling you! 

You might be thinking about how difficult it is to find healthy options at holiday gatherings. We’ve been there! Why not try offering to bring a dish you know is delicious, but isn’t as carb-heavy or sugary? You’d be shocked how popular a dish like this could be at your holiday gathering! 

Heightened Stress Levels 

While the holidays are full of cheer they can also be stressful. Whether you are stressed about hosting family, money, seeing old faces, or a plethora of possible stressors, this can take a huge toll on your health. 

Your sympathetic nervous system is what controls your hormone levels. When you are under large amounts of stress, this can trigger your body to produce an excess of cortisol. Cortisol is a hormone that causes increased oil production leading to clogged pores and congestion. 

So how do you combat these holiday stress levels? Make time for yourself! Whether that’s a few minutes to meditate or a 15-minute warm bath bubble bath, take a few moments of silence for yourself. 

Our favorite self-care recipe is a good book, a cup of tea, a warm bath full of lavender bubble bath, and our decadent body oil for added extra hydration! It’s a combination that is sure to set a relaxing mood! 

Change in Season 

Many skincare routines need to be altered depending on the season, and winter is certainly no exception to this! For most of the country, the holiday season is paired with dropping temperatures and shorter days. For us New Englanders, this change starts as early as Halloween! But how does the cold air lead to acne and congestion? The cold air tends to create a buildup of layers on the surface of the skin, trapping oil, bacteria, and debris below it. Because of this, breakouts are more common, and your skin will require more protection from loss of moisture. 

Give your skin the boost it needs by adding a Face Oil to your routine. We designed each of our Face Oils to help hydrate and target different skin concerns. Curious what Face Oil might suit your specific skin’s needs? Take our face oil quiz today for custom recommendations! 

Managing your skin throughout the holiday

What if we told you, you could keep your skin looking and feeling like you just left the spa? If you could gift yourself one item this holiday season, make it the janegee Facial Kit! It’s all of your facial needs in a box. Brilliant, right? 

This kit has everything you need to cleanse, purify, smooth, and tone your skin in the comfort of your own home.

​​The Green Clay Mask will purify, and detox your skin

Our pure Marine Mask will build minerals and increase dermal circulation.

The Balancing Oils will balance the energy in your skin. We cool red areas and heat the rest. Bringing circulation up to the skin cells is one of the best anti-aging protocols you can use.

Whether you spot treat or set aside time to do this mini facial once per week, the results speak for themselves. 

Be aware of what you are eating, try to keep stress levels down, and adjust your skincare routine based on the season. Follow these steps and your skin will stay healthy and glowing all season long! 

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