How to Care for Your Hands, Feet, and Nails at Home

Winter is almost over, spring is trying it’s hardest to arrive, and not sure about you, but we sure could use a little extra love for our dry, dull hands and feet! Sure, heading to the spa for a mani/pedi is a treat, but this week, we are talking about how to care for and pamper your hands, feet and nails in the comfort of your own home.

Our all-important hands and feet can often be overlooked and neglected. They bear the weight of our day-to-day activities (in fact, our hands are typically our most used body part!) and we don’t always give them the attention they deserve. We constantly use them, which is something we can’t avoid, so why not add foot, hand, and nail care to your self care regimen? Because there is something rather lovely about hands and feet that look and feel cared for.

Hands & Nails

The eyes, they say, are the windows to the soul, and the hands are the window to your health. In fact, primary signs of aging can be seen through our hands. Things like nail breakage, slight nail discoloration, nail divots or possibly dividing, are usually connected with our well-being and could even be linked to nutrient deficiencies. We suggest keeping your nails trimmed and filed to avoid damage to the nails, staying properly hydrated, and eating a well-balanced diet full of Vitamin B and zinc to help keep your nails looking healthy and strong!

Our hands are also only as healthy as our cuticles. Even small cuticle tears can leave us vulnerable to unwanted germs and bacteria entering our bloodstream, possibly causing infection! As we all know, especially this time of year, be sure to properly wash your hands and avoid picking at those nagging hangnails. We suggest you keep our janegee cuticle stick and moisturizer close by!

Oh, and while we’re thinking of it, have you ever tried (self)hand reflexology? It’s super simple and feels oh-so-glorious. While you’re applying your favorite janegee lotion, begin to gently massage your palms, fingers and wrists, which will relieve hand tension and allow you to feel relaxed. Your hands will thank you!


Our feet are literally carrying the weight of our body each and every day, countless times per day. Similarly to our hands, the muscles in our feet often get neglected and when properly cared for with reflexology can increase circulation, relieve tension/pain throughout the body and aid in relaxation. 

  • Our favorite foot reflexology technique is ball stretching. This exercise involves the use of a tennis ball, lacrosse ball or even a frozen water bottle (ice & rolling combo, booyah!), and can be done either sitting down or standing up. Simply place the ball or bottle beneath the arch of your foot and begin rolling the arch, for as long as feels comfortable. Pro tip: try rolling one foot first and then stroll around the room. See if you notice a difference before moving on to the other foot!

Another way to pamper your feet is with an at-home foot bath using our janegee dead sea salt, which is loaded with minerals and will leave your skin feeling nourished and smooth.

Boy does this all sound like the perfect recipe to an at-home spa feel! Toss on some relaxing jams, start with a little foot reflexology, light your favorite aromatherapy candle, a warm foot soak, then gently massage your go-to moisturizer onto your hands and feet. Pure bliss, if you ask us!

And, to make it easy, we put together a list of janegee products that will help you keep your hands, feet and nails feeling and looking healthy:

  1. Dead Sea salt foot baths to soften and nourish skin
  2. Cuticle & nail scrub: an at-home manicure in a minute both cleans and polishes the nail and removes dead cuticles to stimulate growth of nail and aids in hardening nails.
  3. Nail serum No. 1: for strengthening and nourishing dry brittle nails
  4. Nail serum No. 2: for the eradication of fungal issues (used for hands and feet)
  5. Lotion candle: yes, a lotion candle! Light it, then let the lotion butter pool. Blow out the candle, scoop up the melted butter and massage into hands, feet, elbows for deep hydration and repair.
  6. Cuticle stick: for supple, moist cuticles and hard strong nails.
  7. Hand Cream: vitamins for your hands; a reparative creme for everyday use.
  8. Buttercreme: for daily use on hands and feet; super hydrating for dry skin-repairs overnight.
  9. Body Lotion: for body, hands and feet.
  10. Elixir for reparative work, pigmentation on the hands and super hydration.

Later this month we will discuss all of the benefits of making pedicures part of your regular routine!

Have a different way you pamper your hands, feet and nails at home? Let us know, we’d love to hear from you!