How to Detox Naturally

Detox- a buzzword commonly used in the wellness scene, but what the heck does it mean? Don’t worry, we aren’t asking you to jump on board the latest diet trend, nor asking you to spend your hard earned dollars on countless supplements. Instead, let’s keep it simple!

We want to empower you with the information to support your already existing detoxification system. Because, believe it or not, our bodies have a natural, innate ability to detoxify themselves. In fact, we have 5 major detox organs in the body that are responsible for the elimination of toxins. So, let’s review, briefly, the function of these organs and how to best support our organs in these functions:

  • the liver is the major detoxification organ; responsible for removing toxic substances that have been ingested by the body
  • the kidneys are responsible for maintaining the pH balance in the body and for eliminating toxins from the bloodstream (think elimination through urination)
  • the gut: a healthy gut will distribute nutrients to the body and excrete toxins through the GI tract
  • the lungs are responsible for filtering pollutants from the air we breathe in by exhaling out
  • the skin (that’s where we come in!): our largest detox organ; responsible for allowing toxins to leave the body through the pores (sweat sesh, anyone?!)

Since the body is hard at work eliminating toxins and maintaining proper balance, the least we can do is to assist or enhance the detox process! There is no need for a specific diet program or an array of supplements to “detox” the body. Instead, we can support our body through proper nutrition, exercise, breathwork and proper skincare.

Ready to take action? Follow these lifestyle tips below and you’ll start feeling the effects!

  • Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! We know, we know. It’s probably old news, but it’s important! Proper H20 consumption aids in flushing toxins through the system, decreases body inflammation, aids in healthy skin, can assist the digestion process and so much more! Keep it flowin’.
  • Support the liver with herbs such as milk thistle, green tea, and dandelion root.
  • Consume foods rich in vitamins & antioxidants
  • Reduce consumption of high sugar/highly processed foods. These types of foods are linked to chronic disease and illness, which can affect your body’s ability to remove unwanted toxins. More natural foods, please!
  • Be aware of alcohol intake. Alcohol, a toxin, is processed by the liver. As we now know, the liver is already hard at work fighting to eliminate toxins, therefore decreasing toxins and inflammation is always a plus!
  • Calling in all good bacteria! Probiotics aid in a healthy gut. Remember, a healthy gut allows for proper elimination.
  • Sleep! Your body needs time to REST & DIGEST. Give the body a rest to stimulate its natural mechanism of repairing itself. Sleep deprivation can cause a buildup of toxins. 
  • Dry Body Brushing- you’ve heard us say it before, you’ll hear us say it again...dry body brushing is a simple way to help stimulate the lymphatic system and in turn release toxins and aid in digestion and kidney function. Body brushing will also promote cell renewal, increase blood flow and achieve tighter, smoother skin.
  • Move that body! A regular exercise regimen will decrease inflammation in the body and kickstart the body's natural state of detox with the use of the lungs and elimination of toxins through sweat glands. 
  • Pranayama (prana-what-now?!). Pranayama, used in yogic practices, is the practice of breath control using various techniques. Breathwork is known to decrease anxiety, improve digestion, use the lungs to their full capacity and raise/calm energy levels.

See? Detox doesn’t have to be so scary. And don’t get us wrong, we support your choices on the detox process that feels right for you! If you’re interested in fasting as a form of detox, we recommend you check out (links below): Dr. Valter Longo, who developed the Fasting Mimicking Diet; Dr. Jason Fung, who is a fasting expert; and Dr. Mark Mincolla, who believes in the Whole Health Diet and coined the term “Food is Medicine.”

We want you to feel your absolute best, so let us know how you do!

*Please note that this blog post is for informational use and not intended to go against medical advice from your practitioner