How to Recreate a Professional Facial at Home: A Step-By-Step Guide

janegee Facial Kit

Did you know that you can recreate a janegee facial at home? We know not everyone can make it into our studio for a treatment, so that is exactly why we created our Facial Kit. This fabulous kit was designed to give our clients the tools to keep their skin in optimum condition and feel that “spa-like” experience all from the comfort of their own home. With this Facial Kit, you will have the proper tools to manage your skin on a regular basis by emulating some of what we do during our facials here at janegee. In today’s blog, we’re going to teach you the concept behind each step in this at-home routine, so you can learn how to confidently treat your skin on your own. 

The Foundation of a Good Facial

Here at janegee, we believe there are 5 tenets of natural skincare: cleanse, balance, mineralize, detox, and hydrate. These tenets outline our decades of experience seeing that when the skin is truly healthy, it does the work for you. The skin is inherently self-healing when you provide it with the tools to function properly. The steps in your at-home facial routine will cover each one of our tenets.

Breaking Down the Steps in Your Facial Routine

Step 1: Cleanse 

Clearing your skin of dirt and debris will set the foundation for the rest of your routine. Washing your face with a good, natural cleanser will also balance the pH of the skin so it can function correctly, as well as promote a healthy acid mantle.

Step 2: Balance 

You want to balance the circulation, leaving your skin clear and even-toned. To do this we use our Yin Oil and Yang Oil. Yin Oil cools and strengthens red reactive skin, while Yang Oil enhances skin texture and tone and helps reduce congestion and the appearance of wrinkles.

Step 3: Mineralize

The more minerals your skin has, the better it holds hydration. For fresh and glowing skin, it is important to replenish minerals regularly. For this step, we use the Marine Mask which is rich in vitamins B12 and E, amino acids, and trace minerals. Using this mask will cleanse, purify, and mineralize the skin which helps give the skin a revitalized and glowing appearance.

Step 4: Detox

Did you know that pollution particles are finer than our pores? This is why a weekly skin detox is a crucial part of maintaining healthy skin. We do this by using natural clay to draw up pollutants, dirt, and debris to help prevent the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. We love using our Green Clay Mask for this step because it is suitable for all skin types and also provides a healthy-looking glow. 

Step 5: Hydrate 

It is crucial to finish your routine by hydrating and moisturizing your skin in a way that maintains the presence and balance of your skin’s natural defenses. So, once you have completed your facial it is important to use your favorite janegee hydrating products such as a moisturizer, face oil, or Floral Water. If you don’t currently have one of these janegee staples, you can take our skin quiz to learn which products are best suited for your skin

To view a more in-depth tutorial of how to perform this at-home facial, you can watch our senior skin therapist, Chelsea, complete the facial here:

Trust us when we say incorporating this facial into your weekly routine will make all the difference in the health of your skin! Plus, who doesn’t love a good self-care night? 

Let’s Become Better Together!