Igniting Your Remedy-Self: Free Global Webinar Event

Have you ever wondered why you were born into this crazy time?

Do you feel helpless or even hopeless about being able to really make a difference?

Like many, you want to be a part of the positive change–taking effective, meaningful actions to generate harmony and balance, both in and around you.

But, deep down, they may feel that no matter what they do they just aren’t good enough or powerful enough to make significant things happen

Like them, you were likely taught to believe that the real change-makers are those people who are in positions of institutional power...and that you can’t truly make a difference. 

Since you were never taught how to access your transformative capacity, you internalized that lie. 

It’s time for the truth!

You see, it’s who you become that changes the world. You were endowed with the ability to heal yourself and the world–in amazingly effective ways. The most powerful nature of your being remains hidden from you – a part that can catalyze balance and harmony in the bodies, minds, and soul of our collective field!   

Imagine what your life would be like if you knew how to awaken your soul’s dynamic power to generate true peace and healing in your everyday moments.

I’m excited to announce that my friend, the world-renown shamanic healer, and author, Evelyn Rysdyk is presenting a free global online webinar to help you do just that.

It’s called Igniting Your Remedy-Self: 3 Keys to Creating a Better Future for You and the Planet!

The culmination of over thirty years of research and shamanic healing practice, Evelyn will share innovative tools for becoming become a New Kind of Human Being – one whose very essence is a healing force! 

Go here to learn more and register for Igniting Your Remedy-Self: 3 Keys to Creating a Better Future for You and the Planet!