janegee Facial Kit

Ever leave a janegee facial appointment thinking, gosh if only my skin could look and feel this spectacular all the time! Yeah, us too. Well, fear not. That’s exactly why we developed the perfect skincare regimen you’re looking for, the janegee facial kit! It’s all of your facial needs in a box. Brilliant, right? This kit was created to give our clients the tools to manage their own skin and feel that “spa-like” experience all from the comfort of their own home. Our goal was to empower individuals to learn how to take care of their skin and keep their wallet happy!

Sounds too good to be true, right? Trust us, it’s that simple. Here’s what’s included when you purchase our facial kit:

Facial Kit Contents:                   

  • Balancing Oils – janegee Yin & Yang oils balance and even out the tone of your skin, promoting a uniform complexion.
  • Green Clay Mask – janegee pure clay tones, refines, and cleanses the skin.
  • Linen Face Cloth – janegee pure organic linen deeply cleanses.
  • Marine Mask – Pure bladderwrack seaweed is known to smooth and tone the skin by increasing dermal circulation.
  • Mask Brush – The perfect brush to mix and apply your masks.
  • Mixing Pot – Our janegee mixing pot is the ideal size to easily mix your masks.
  • Rose Floral Water – janegee Rose Floral Water is the perfect face mist to calm, hydrate, and soothe your skin. 

Okay, but now what? Let us walk you through it. We have put together a step-by-step guide to achieving the glow you’re looking for and our why behind each step, because knowledge is power:

STEP 1: Cleanse - Wash your face with your favorite janegee cleanser*, rinse, and pat dry.

STEP 2: Balance - Apply your Balancing Oils. The Yin Oil (cooling) goes on any red areas of the skin (ie: cheeks, broken capillaries, etc). The Yang Oil (heating) goes everywhere else, especially on congested areas and acne. Why? Our heating oil stimulates microdermal circulation and lymph movement to aid in the removal of waste, while our cooling oil is used where too much inflammation and redness resides in the skin. Together, heating and cooling the skin creates a balance and prepares the skin for treatment. Warning: Avoid eye area.

STEP 3: Mineralize - Mix the Marine Mask with water or janegee Floral Water and apply all over your face. Leave it on for 10-20 minutes, then remove with warm water and your linen face cloth. Why? The marine mask will tone the skin (increase microdermal circulation) and replenishes minerals into the skin. When the skin has the full complement of minerals it can better hold hydration. 

Tip: When mixing the Marine Mask use 1/3rd powder and 2/3rd water or Floral Water. It should resemble pouring cream.

STEP 4: Detox - Mix the Clay Mask with water or janegee Floral Water and apply all over your face. Leave it on for 10-20 minutes and then remove with warm water and your linen face cloth and pat dry. Why? You’ve heard us talk about the importance of skin detox. Natural mineral clays are full of positive and negative ions. When you add water or hydrosol to them they become electrically charged and when applied to the skin they attract the opposite ions and pollution is washed away with your clay. Clay can put minerals into the skin, refine pores and fine lines, and stimulate circulation.

Tip: When mixing the Clay Mask use 2/3rd powder and 1/3rd water or Floral Water. This mask will be much thinner than the Marine Mask.

STEP 5: Hydrate - Apply your favorite janegee hydrosol, face oil, serum, and/or moisturizer*.

*janegee cleanser & moisturizer/oil/serum not included in the facial kit

For best results and happy, healthy skin, our team of experts recommend you perform your at-home mini facial once per week. If needed, these products can be used to spot treat daily or used daily for 4-5 days during a severe case of acne to speed up the healing process. 

Now you have the proper tools to manage your skin on a regular basis by emulating some of what we do during our facials here at janegee. As always, we do suggest you check in with our skincare professionals for a seasonal evaluation and use this kit to keep your skin in tip-top shape between visits!

Enjoy your glow!