janegee Travel Essentials

Whether I am heading out of town for a girls weekend, to the sun for vacation, or to a trade show for work there are certain products I simply can't travel without.

Clear Skin

This 3-in-1 oil cleanser, treatment, and moisturizer is the perfect skincare product for travel. No matter where I go, my skin always seems to get thrown off. It can get dried out on a plane, congested in a big polluted city, or become sensitive and tight from the sun. Clear Skin has always been my go to get my skin back in balance...fast! It also works great as a makeup remover and primer.

Lavender Floral Water

Even when i'm not traveling I always have one of our Floral Waters in my purse! I find myself spraying my face and hair throughout the day to help keep everything feeling refreshed and hydrated. Our Lavender Floral Water is my go-to for travel because it soothes my skin, and helps me stay calm during any unexpected travel stress. I also spray it all over the bed once I get into the hotel room to freshen the linens and guard against bed bugs.

Un-Nausea Inhaler

Between bumpy plane rides and crazy cab/ Uber drivers, I constantly find myself reaching for my Un-Nausea inhaler. We blend Ginger, Peppermint, Spearmint, Aniseed Myrtle, and Melaleuca Essential Oils to help settle your stomach and ease those feelings of nausea. A few deep breathes and i'm good to go!

Emu Oil

Travel can take a toll on your body. I often find myself feeling sore and uncomfortable once I get off a plane, and my feet always ache after walking trade shows and exploring new cities. Emu Oil gives me the relief I need to get back me back on my feet!

Sweet Stick

I can't think of a time when I don't have my Sweet Stick on me. It's the perfect lip balm, hand & foot moisturizer, cuticle cream, etc. I use it for any and all dry skin while traveling. It also has a beautiful natural scent that is great for creating a sense of calm during the craziness of travel.

Oway Shampoo & Conditioner

A good shampoo and conditioner is a must when traveling. Hotel products are often filled with chemicals and always dry my hair and scalp out. Luckily, my favorite hair care brand Oway offers travel sizes for most of their products. My go-to is their Silk-n-Glow Hair Bath (shampoo) and Frequent Use Conditioner. They keep my hair feeling so silky, smooth, and hydrated!

Digestive Bitters

Digestive bitters are a girls best friend. One of my favorite things about traveling is trying new and delicious foods! However, my body doesn't always love me when I change up my routine. I take my digestive bitters before each meal when I travel to help keep things working properly.

The best part is, everything listed above is TSA-friendly and can be packed in your carry-on!

What are some janegee products you can't travel without?!

Let us know in the comments below!