janegee's Natural Nail Bar

Your nails have very important work to do, whether it's tearing through stubborn product packaging or serving as a canvas for your creativity. They can also say more about you than you think; the shape, color, and texture of your nails can be indicators of serious health conditions, including anemia, liver problems, fungal infections, malnutrition, and even arthritis. At the new janegee nail bar, we refrain from certain traditional nail care practices that can interfere with your nails’ natural ability to perform these vital roles. As we’ve found with many things in life and beauty, less really is more and results in healthier nails and skin.

We don’t soak.

Soaking can cause the nail plate (the hard material that most people think of when they think of a finger or toenail) to dry out. This weakens the nail and makes it prone to splitting. Saturated nails also lose some of their natural curve. If nail polish is applied before the nail is completely dry, the polish may dry first and can slide right off when the nail returns to its former shape.

We don’t use aggressive files.

A nail’s strength comes from the many layers of compacted keratin that make up the nail plate. Sawing back and forth at the nail with a heavy file separates these layers, making the nail prone to splitting and breaking. At janegee, we use files that have a gentle grit designed to enhance the strength of the nail rather than destroy it.  

We don’t cut cuticles.

The nail cuticle is an important part of your physiology. It acts as a natural seal to keep bacteria and debris out of the delicate nail root. Why would we want to remove one of your body’s first lines of defense?

We don’t use harsh chemicals.

The ingredients in some nail care products are as cringe-inducing as they are unpronounceable. We avoid the chemical guesswork by using our own blends of mineral salts and essential oils to clean and strengthen nails. We also only use five-free nail polishes, which are free from five of the most common carcinogens: formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate, toluene, formaldehyde resin, and camphor.

If you’re ready to treat yourself and your nails to a healthier, more natural form of care, you can book an appointment online or by calling the shop (we do require at least 24 hours notice for cancellations). Our wonderful nail technicians, Keri, Tabbatha, Kelley, Chelsea, and Shannon will soon have you on the road to looking great, feeling even better, and doing right by your body, naturally.