Jane's Skincare Philosophy

Beautiful, healthy skin is all about balance and harmony.  Through years of training, observation, study and practice, Jane has become an expert at restoring that balance.  She works closely with nature to create protocols for skin care and products that support the health of your skin. Once you understand it, skin care can be simple:  keep it balanced and your skin does the work for you!

Skin:  A Window to Your Health

Your skin is an amazing organ working hard to protect you from environmental toxins, pollutants and daily stresses.  If you have a problem with your skin it generally means there is an imbalance somewhere else in your body.   For example, the skin on your face can be an indicator of digestive issues.  Who knew?!  Always consider your skin to be a window into the way your body is functioning.  What a great indicator of overall health - one you wear everyday!

For this reason, the importance of skin care can’t be overemphasised.  Continue reading to get a better understanding of your skin’s function and what Jane recommends to keep it looking radiant and fresh - for better health inside and out!

The Acid Mantle: Your Skin’s Protective Barrier

Your skin’s outermost layer of cells is protected by a thin layer of fluid known as the acid mantle. This moist, slightly acidic layer serves as your first line of defense against bacteria and contaminants in your environment.  Bacteria can’t thrive in an acidic environment, so it’s dead on arrival when your skin is in good health.

However, the acid mantle is delicate and can be stripped away by using too-harsh cleansers or astringent, alcohol-based toners.  What’s more, different skin types have a different natural pH.  For example, oily skin is more alkaline (less acidic) and susceptible to infection because it is less able to fight harmful bacteria.  Therefore, oily skin will need products that help restore the acid.  Understanding your skin’s delicate balance is the first step to giving it what it needs to thrive.

Choosing the Right Products for Balanced Skin

Everything that comes in contact with your skin – from air pollution to your daily moisturizer – has the potential to upset the balance of the acid mantle.  Even things like hard water or too much sun exposure can lead to an imbalance that leaves you open to inflammation or infection. This is why it’s important to choose a natural more gentle product that helps to restore the acid mantle balance you need for healthy, radiant skin.

These are some of our favorite options for keeping your skin in perfect balance:

  • Oil or lotion-type cleansers, like our Clear Skin or Cleanser No.2 are best for keeping your skin clean and pH balanced. Always avoid gels, anything that foams and scrubs as these are surfactants that strip the skin of its natural oil protection, resulting in a dry, dull and rough surface.
  • Plant hydrosols are floral waters, like Rose Floral Water, that can be spritzed directly on the skin, even over makeup. These restore the pH balance, and smell wonderful! They can also be used as hydrating toners to naturally soothe acne-prone skin.
  • Marine algae masks hydrate and stimulate circulation in the skin. They’re great for strengthening skin while keeping it balanced.
  • Raw organic honey also makes a wonderful hydrating mask or gentle cleanser. It’s a natural humectant that helps draw moisture to the skin while bathing it in antibacterial compounds.
  • Apple cider vinegar diluted in water makes an excellent toner to bring oily and alkaline skin types back into balance. The extra shot of natural acidity help the acid mantle do its job to fight surface bacteria.

When you are kind to your skin and give it the care it needs to remain balanced, it will thank you with a gorgeous, dewy glow.  Your skin works hard to protect you from toxins and microbial infections; why not say thank you by treating it to some naturally healthy products!