Nature heals. And beautifies!

We are all meant to be natural. That’s why, here at janegee, we’re part of the natural movement. Our mission is to provide you with the absolute best products for achieving a more balanced state. We offer a range of chemical free beauty products and treatments, including natural bath and body care, an organic acne treatment, eyebrow or lash tinting, face waxing, and the best natural skincare creams.

Since it is our duty to arm you with the best natural beauty products and treatments, we invite you to check out our new nourishing antioxidant janegee vitamin cream. This vitamin rich cream bathes your face in nutrients to bring out your natural glow. It really works wonders!

janegee Vitamin Cream is an anti-aging face cream you use every day to get your skin to drink up a high concentration of vitamin c. That’s important because as your skin ages collagen production decreases due to a lack of vitamin c. our cream restores it. The botanical-based cream moisturizes while its synergetic blend of natural oils and rooibos tea strengthens and detoxifies your skin. It treats fine lines, wrinkles, and dryness for a healthy, youthful look. and our clients love the way it speeds up the skin's natural repair systems and protects against further harm, such as sun damage and skin cancer. after treatment, your skin feels natural, nourished and beautiful.

A vitamin cream that replenishes vitamin c reserves and restores healthier, younger looking skin sounds like a miracle. But it’s just nature using its power to heal and bring out your natural beauty.

If you’re looking for more holistic beauty products like this vitamin cream, take a look at our lavender bath bomb salts, oils, soaps—such as peppermint soap and goats milk soap —or our line of natural hand lotions.

And join us on our voyage to beautiful, healthy skin. naturally.