New Humans | New Earth Summit - Recording Included

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We are thrilled to announce our founder and CEO, Jane Gee has been selected as a guest speaker for an upcoming wellness summit hosted by Evelyn Rysdyk, acclaimed author and shamanic teacher. The New Humans | New Earth Summit will be taking place virtually on September 24 & 25th. 

We invite all of our janegee family to join Jane as she takes you on a journey into her life philosophy that life is about overcoming and becoming. The true responsibility is to self and the ability to connect with the environment. We are a part of this planet, not just a being living on this planet. 

Life is about living with the flow. Ask yourself where do I go, and how do I start. The answers lie within your own wellspring of wisdom. When you tap into your own wellspring, you will understand the answers and power that lie there. Throughout this 1 hour session, Jane will walk you through steps for channeling your inner wisdom and harnessing that power. 

It is so crucial to take care of the space you take up on this planet. Connect with nature, and listen to your inner voice and wisdom. Make good choices about who you are in this world and learn about the authenticity that makes you, you! This will lead to living a connected, joyous, and whole life. 

Building this respect for yourself and our environment begins with how you think, how you speak, and your self-talk. Understand that you are enough and you are a part of this bigger world. 

We need to understand that all things are connected. Making good choices to support this planet, and living a good, balanced life shows your reverence for nature. Decisions such as choosing organic at your local market have a chain reaction all over the planet. 

Jane is a perpetual student of shamanic beliefs and traditions. She believes in the web of life. Plant spirit medicine is incorporated into everything she does. She is a true champion of feminine energy. One of her greatest pleasures in life is watching a woman step into her own. There’s nothing more powerful than a woman who knows who she is. 

As the founder of janegee, Jane understands that skincare is an honoring of the planet. Working directly with nature to develop simple, easy, and effective skincare products that your skin understands. Nature has infinite wisdom and is here to support us. The further away from nature we get, the more likely we are to destroy it. 

This event is free to register for our janegee family! Please click here to take advantage of this exciting virtual event! 

Interested in learning more about the summit, keep reading below for more info

I know that you wonder what kind of planet we are leaving for our children, grandchildren, and all the other life on Earth. 

With all the uncertainty you face, do you struggle to move forward making the most of “what is” while holding on to the vision of a better, more harmonious, and vibrant tomorrow?

Have courage. You were actually born for these times! 

Your noble spirit came to Earth to be a part of a great metamorphosis of human consciousness that creates healing for you and radiates that healing out all around you through the exquisitely entangled Web of Life.

And you’re not alone. Everywhere, people are making a difference and positive changes have already begun! 

All over the world, people are recognizing that they are co-creators, raising their consciousness, remembering their place in Nature, innovating unique new solutions for healing and restoration of ecosystems, reaching beyond their communities to link their hearts and minds with other people with the same passion for positive transformation and other ways they have found to become the “ones we’ve been waiting for!”

Our New Humans • New Earth Summit will have speakers encouraging and nurturing us with a myriad of topics including:

  • Expanding consciousness/awareness techniques
  • Strategies to build intersectional bridges between communities
  • Music for inspiration and healing
  • Practical science of regenerating soil, water, and local ecosystems
  • Inspirational storytelling
  • Support for remembering our place in Nature
  • Wisdom from indigenous shamans
  • How our individual healing is directly connected to global issues
  • Practical methods to ignite people to join with others for a true global awakening and healing
  • …and so much more!

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About Evelyn C. Rysdyk

Evelyn is the author of several noted books on shamanism including, The Norse Shaman, Spirit Walking: A Course in Shamanic Power, A Spirit Walker’s Guide to Shamanic Tools and The Nepalese Shamanic Path (with Bhola Banstola.)

Along with her writings, Evelyn is an impassioned shamanic teacher. She is a featured instructor for The Shift Network, and for Sounds True, as well as other international programs.

Whether through face-to-face contact with individual clients, workshop groups, and online participants, or through the printed word, Evelyn uses her loving humor and passion to open people’s hearts and inspire them to live more joyful, fulfilling, and purposeful lives. She acknowledges that as people awaken their full selves, they are much more likely and able to make their unique contributions toward transforming our world.