Seasonality of the Skin: Transitioning Your Routine

With the autumnal equinox now over a month behind us (how!?), we are all beginning to experience the shift of seasons both outside and within. Maybe you’ve decorated your hearth with gourds and fall florals, you’ve exchanged blueberry picking for apple picking, and brought your favorite cozy sweaters back into rotation. I don’t know about you, but I get giddy for this time. That said, with all these changes happening it can be easy to overlook the seasonality of our skincare needs until we wake up one morning and realize ‘crisp’ could both describe the weather and the state of your skin. Read on to discover our top 5 tips for winterizing your skin in preparation for the chillier months ahead. 

    Check in on your cleanser. If you’re still using a foaming or soapy gel cleanser, now is the perfect time to make the switch to something a bit creamier and richer that will leave your skin feeling nourished. Foaming cleansers can strip the skin of oils that are essential for maintaining healthy balance especially in these dry times. In order to optimize hydration, janegee recommends avoiding surfactant containing cleansers altogether due to their ability to compromise our essential acid mantle. Try incorporating an oil cleanser like the Cleanser No.3. Or, if using an oil is still a bit intimidating - stay tuned for a breakdown on why oil is actually the BEST for your skin- try the milky mild Cleanser No.1 that boasts powerhouse antioxidants like Rooibos tea and fresh green papaya to gently rid your skin of impurities without stripping (good for normal to dry skin).

    1.  Keep a hydrosol on hand. Hydrosols are floral waters produced by steam    distillation that creates a gentle and hydrating mist, with the added benefit of aromatherapy. As we crank up the heat in our homes and even smaller spaces like our cars, the lack of humidity in the air can suck the moisture from our skin. Turn vents away from your face and keep a Calendula Floral Water (any varietal really, but the calendula is ultra soothing for inflamed skin) on hand to spritz away when your skin is feeling parched. 

    2. Trick or treatment? Summers are hard to forget for many reasons, but my constant reminders of the luscious months under the sun are the new dark spots I sport. By the time we’ve reached fall our antioxidant stores are all but depleted, but fear not. A common misconception when using natural skincare is that you won’t get results for skin concerns like hyperpigmentation and fine lines that can often crop up post-summer vacation. Not so. The Elixir Corrective Serum is an oil-free treatment that will not only plump your skin with deeply hydrating hyaluronic acid, but also brightens dark spots and minimizes fine lines with the antioxidant powerhouse ingredient the Kakadu plum. Layer serum over skin dampened with hydrosol, and under a silky face oil or rich moisturizer to lock in all it’s amazing benefits. 

    3. Matters of moisture. It’s a no brainer that when we’re feeling dry we reach for the moisturizer, but are you using an appropriate texture for the season? Lighter formulations are popular choices for the summer when we are all sweating more, more oil prone, and  swimming in sunscreen. However, as we transition to fall it becomes important to listen to what your skin is thirsting for. If you’re finding that your go-to moisturizer is vanishing without a trace mere seconds after applying, it’s likely time to level up to a thicker moisturizer or janegee face oil based on your skins hydration capability. The janegee Vitamin Creme  (for normal to dry mature skins) is one such option offering a saturating formula that won’t leave you feeling weighed down. We also love our new Beauty Oil for a deeply enriching treatment that works for almost all skin types and can be used head to toe. After all, our skin doesn’t stop at the neck! 

    4. Get discovered. Skincare is rarely if ever one size fits all, and sometimes our own skin is the hardest to get familiar with. At janegee, we don’t like to label skin by types as we understand that “type” can change as frequently as the weather. Seasons can look like changes we see outside, but we can also experience seasons inside and all those changes can get downright overwhelming. Book a consultation with one of our skilled and intuitive skincare experts to support you in discovering exactly what your skin needs. 

    5. Living our lives in tandem with the cyclical rhythms of the seasons is a time honored practice for achieving inner harmony, and why shouldn’t that wisdom reflect in our personal care routines? Autumn is a season for gratitude and what better way to show yourself that love than to feel good in the skin you're in.