Skin Fitness: How to Keep Your Skin Healthy & Fit

In the past two years, the at-home health and fitness world has become a huge part of our culture. Our time at home inspired many to take control of their health and focus on the ways we can boost our overall well-being. Here at janegee, we want to take the time to inspire our customers to not only take care of their fitness and the health of their bodies but also bring that mentality into taking care of their skin. It is our largest organ and for that reason, caring for it should be a top priority. You’d be shocked how the skin and your overall health can be so intertwined. 

Let’s start by changing our mindset. Think of taking care of your skin in the same way you’d exercise your body. Make a commitment to yourself, set a routine, visit a skin therapist (your “trainer”), and take note of your progress along the way. Join us as we take you along Jane’s 4 skin fitness steps for achieving healthy skin. 

1. Eat for your Skin

We believe the skin is a window into the health of your digestive system. If something is triggering your digestive system to be off-balance, your skin will reflect these internal problems.

Whether you are working to clear your skin, prevent wrinkles, or keep your blemish-free complexion, the very first step for every single client we have is to establish good digestive health. Eat good, nutrient-dense, clean food. Avoid excess sugar and dairy and increase fermented food. 

If you are someone struggling with acne and congestion, this is something you place an even heavier focus on. Our previous blog Tips for Diagnosing & Treating My Acne is a great place to begin learning about how you can focus on clearing your acne. 

One of the best things about nutrition and the interconnectedness of the body is that when we focus on using food and nutrition to support one aspect of health, we inevitably support other systems. A healthy gut can lead to increased energy, a strong immune system, better sleep, and of course, glowing skin!

2. Seek a Trainer

Just as you’d hire a personal trainer or join a gym to achieve your fitness goals, turn to the skincare experts to begin your skin fitness journey. Set up a consultation with your practitioner, understand where you are beginning on your journey, and create a skin fitness plan that you can stick to. 

Regular skincare treatments are pivotal in achieving healthy skin. Here at janegee, our team focuses on fixing the underlying issues, instead of searching for quick fixes. Your skin therapist can help you understand what is causing your skin conditions and adjust your routines as need be throughout your journey. 

You might find you are prescribed treatments bi-weekly or monthly at first. As your skin begins to respond to treatments it is very plausible your treatments can become less frequent or turn into express treatments.

3. Create a Consistent Routine

When leaving your consultation, you should walk away with the knowledge of what products will best suit your skin's needs. Please remember, no two skins are alike, that is why getting an expert opinion is always best. 

We’re about to let you in on a big secret most skincare brands don’t want you to know… You don’t need a vanity full of products to achieve healthy skin! (gasp)

We believe less is always more. Simple and effective skincare routines might only consist of 3 products, and that’s ok. We believe that when following the 5 Tenets of Healthy Skin, you can have a clean beauty routine in 5 products or less. Let’s dive into a brief overview of each of Jane’s tenets. 

  1. Cleanse: Set the foundation for what is to come. Balance the pH so the skin can function correctly, remove any excess dirt and debris, and promote a healthy acid mantle.
  2. Balance: Balance the energy in your skin. Yin and Yang oils are designed to balance circulation leaving our skin clear and even-toned.
  3. Mineralize: The more minerals your skin has, the better it holds hydration. For fresh and glowing skin, replenish regularly with the bounty of nature.
  4. Hydrate: Hydrate and moisturize your skin in a way that maintains the presence and balance of your skin’s natural defenses.
  5. Detox: Believe it or not, pollution particles are finer than our pores. Detoxing your skin using natural clay will draw up those pollutants, dirt, and debris to prevent premature aging.

These tenets outline our belief that when the skin is truly healthy, it does the work for you. The skin is a phenomenal organ and is inherently self-healing when given the tools to function properly. 

We understand that making the switch to natural skincare can be daunting. While we always suggest booking a consultation with our skin therapist, we understand that this might now always be possible due to location, schedule, and a variety of other reasons. This is exactly why we developed our janegee Skin Quiz, to help you find customized skincare product recommendations by answering a few simple questions. 

4. Measure your progress and adjust

Your skin is ever-changing, so many factors can change the appearance and health of your skin. Whether it’s lifestyle changes, food, stress levels, or pollution, understand the language of your skin. Listen to its triggers and adjust as needed. 

Continue working with your skin therapist to give your skin the products and treatments it needs. Focusing on healthy eating, maintaining balance in your life, lowering your toxic load, and being aware of your mindset can set you on a path of longevity and health. Your skin, body, and confidence levels will all improve when you start practicing skin fitness!