Summer Makeup Tips

Warm weather is officially here, and so are long beach days, hot summer nights, concerts in the park, river cruises, etc. Summer is full of wonderful things — but melting makeup, smeared mascara, and super-sticky lipstick are not among them. Continue reading to learn how our resident makeup artist, Shannon Elaine, keeps her makeup looking flawless even during the hottest summer days. 

1. Prep

To create an effortless summer look that will last into humid nights, the first step is skin preparation. Take a dime-sized amount of janegee Vitamin Creme and press into your face and neck. Allow the crème time to sink in completely, and then chose a light-weight foundation. 


2. Foundation

During these hot months, keeping your makeup application light ensures nothing melting, so feel free to skip the foundation if you want! However, if your goal is even coverage: I love the Aisling Organics Eco-Luxe liquid foundation! A liquid formula is a great choice because it will hold up better when the temperature is rising. In Aisling’s unique formula you’ll find nourishing ingredients like Aloe Vera and Lavender which provide relief after sun exposure. To keep the foundation in place, a setting powder is your best friend. RMS Beauty’s “Un” Powder absorbs oil and provides a soft finish to the skin; dust onto the t-zone where sebum naturally occurs.

3. Bronzer

If you’re avoiding the sun but want that sun-kissed glow; Look no further than the new Kjaer Weis powder bronzer! Apply where the sun would naturally hit the face for a natural boost of warmth. 


4. Highlighter & Blush

When it comes to a highlighter and blush, creams will give a healthy luminesces and flush to the skin. Create a natural appearance with RMS Living Luminizer and a RMS Lip2Cheek. Both can be applied simply with your fingers; the warmth of your fingertips will blend the product into the skin effortlessly.  

5. Lip

Your RMS Lip2Cheek also doubles as a lip stain, so add a touch to your bottom lip and press upwards for a soft, bitten look. 

Pro Tip: If your lips are dehydrating under the hot sun, janegee Sweet Stick is the best way to add hydration back into your pout before any lip color. Run Sweet Stick along your cuticles, dry elbows or knees for an added boost, as well! 


6. Eyes

As we know mascara tends to run, so opt for a natural water-proof formula that can be easily removed with janegee Fresh Eyes makeup remover or book a lash tint and skip that step in your routine for the next 4-8 weeks! 

• Pro Tip: Apply a small amount of setting powder under your eyes to help prevent your mascara from falling/ creating those dreaded dark circles. 


7. Hydrate

Locking your makeup in place and refreshing throughout the day is easy with a janegee Floral Water; toss one in your purse or beach bag and spritz when a boost of hydration is needed!


Do not hesitate to reach out if you have any specific questions, or schedule a private makeup consult/application with Shannon!