Sweet Stick: more than just a lip balm

If you’ve ever been to janegee you know that the shelves are filled with all sorts of products. But have you ever wondered what product started it all?

A regular customer and loyal friend named Jean, asked me to make her a balm for her ever-blistering lips. So, I did just that. The Sweet Stick successfully healed her skin so well that we decided to make it into a product that other people could enjoy. Jean is a very sweet person, hence the name: Sweet Stick.

I loved every minute of the research process. I worked to find the best raw materials to use, and learned how indigenous peoples used the materials in their everyday lives. Like all of our products, the Sweet Stick contains organic botanical oils and other healing ingredients to naturally protect and take care of your skin.

Once I had my list of ingredients, I began to narrow it down to find the best combination. After a little trial and error, the Sweet Stick was born. And we are glad it was! Not only did this small product heal Jean’s blistered lips, but we found that it is more of a multipurpose balm.

(We literally use it for everything!)

All of the active ingredients are known to soothe, calm, moisturize, and hydrate. They are antiviral, antiseptic, and antibacterial.

When it comes to dry lips, Sweet Stick is the best. Did you know that your lip balm could be making your lips dryer?

Many commercial lip balms are made with petroleum by-products and chemicals  which are humectant in nature. Which means they draw out the moisture, they actually attract water, pulling it up from deep within the skin. At first they feel silky and smooth but before long you are having to reapply your balm. Over a period of a day or two you will notice that your lips are becoming more and more dry and in need of relief. Your lips never ever feel fully hydrated and healthy.

The great thing about Sweet Stick is that the synergistic blend of oils and butters will hydrate, soothe, and regenerate tissue leaving your lips, soft and silky smooth. It has been ten years since the first sweet stick was sold and it still remains our most popular product. We have learned that it truly is a multi purpose balm.

Due to the healing nature of the individual ingredients we have found it to be great for the following:

Bug Bites

Stops the itch, soothes a sting, and helps reduce inflammation. Apply as often as you need until the bites are healed! 

Cold Sores

The antiviral properties of the synergistic blend of essential oils in the Sweet Stick, work to help cold sores from coming up. If you catch that first itch and keep applying, they often don’t appear! Rose geranium &  lavender are known for their anti virals action.

Cracked and Bleeding Fingers in Winter

Sweet Stick to the rescue! Just apply morning and night. Your hands will love you for it. Essential oils and natural butters are known for their skin regenerative properties.

Cuts and Scrapes

Any time I get a cut or scrape, I grab my Sweet Stick.  It is filled with botanical oils that promote your skin to heal. Take on camping trips and always have available during any outdoor activities. I always have a Sweet Stick in my bag!

Diaper Cream

Mum’s swear by our Sweet Stick. It’s so soothing on your little one’s skin. Mum can even use it as a nipple cream if breastfeeding!

Dry, Cracked Heels

Make your heels feel like a baby’s bottom. Load the cracks up with Sweet Stick and overnight you will see and feel a difference. Continue applying as often as you can to maintain your silky, soft feet.

Nail Care

It will grow your nails like crazy ,and makes them strong and hard. Your cuticles will also get a boost, making them soft, supple, and free of hangnails.


I love to travel with my Sweet Stick, if flights get delayed and stress starts to creep in, I use my Sweet Stick as an aromatherapy inhaler. I take a few deep breaths of the Sweet Stick, allowing the blend of oils to calm my nervous system.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to  Sweet Stick. We’d love to know how you use your Sweet Stick and why you love it! Comment below or tag us on Facebook/ Instagram.