The Surprising Causes of Dry Skin

With cooler temps comes great keep your skin hydrated! As beautiful as this time of year is, it can leave us feeling a little dry and a little itchy. Dry skin is what we like to call, the bane of winter. So, to keep you and your skin prepared this fall and winter, we decided to jot down some surprising causes of dry skin and a list of ways that will leave you with a more healthy glow.

Causes of Dry Skin: 

Stop using hot water. Yes, you read that correctly. We know it feels oh-so-good (especially when the weather chills you to the bone)but believe it or not the use of hot water can strip your skin of its natural protective barrier, leading to overly tight and dry skin. Instead, make a habit of using warm to tepid water. It may take some getting used to, but your skin will notice the difference.

Not using a skin cleanser. Washing your skin with water alone will pull the moisture up and out from deep beneath the skin, leaving your skin dry and tight. Rather than solely using water, we recommend finding one of our very own handcrafted cleansers that is perfect for your skin type. (not sure which cleanser is the best fit for you, stop on in and consult one of our skin experts! That’s what we are here for) 

Not properly rinsing your skin. We get it, most often we are pressed for time, but don’t skimp on rinsing your skin after cleansing. As important as it is to use a cleanser, it is equally as important to ensure you clean it off correctly. Using a janegee linen face cloth to remove your cleanser will prevent residue from being left behind. A buildup of product on your skin can cause irritations, sensitivity and dryness because it decreases the efficacy of your moisturizer.

Not properly hydrating. It is recommended that we consume approximately half of our body weight in ounces of water daily. Sure, it sounds like a lot (and you may need to hit the loo more often than normal), but keeping your body hydrated will benefit your entire body, keep moisture in the skin and support you in achieving the healthy, supple skin you’re looking for.

The Do’s of combating dry skin:

  • Dry Body Brush. Dry body brushing increases circulation, stimulates lymphatic movement to eradicate toxins from the body and removes unwanted dead skin by exfoliating the skin gently. You can purchase a body brush through our online store or stop in for a visit!
  • Floral Water. Use floral water daily to mist your face and body. It adds vital nutrients and hydration to parched skin. Our janegee floral waters are light, refreshing and simple to use!
  • Moisturize your body following a shower or bath. This is the best time to lock in moisture whilst your skin is damp. Use products that support dry skin; like our janegee buttercremes/handcremes, body oils, bath salts or sweet stick to keep your entire body happy! Remember, our skin is the largest organ in the body. Happy skin shows from the inside out.
  • Hydrate regularly, especially after a warm shower or a bath.
  • Use Tepid Water. Friendly reminder to avoid running hot water on your face. The use of hot water will break capillaries and dehydrate your skin rapidly. Again, we know it feels good, but we highly suggest you change your habit!

Incorporating these simple shifts into your routine will be worth it as we head towards cooler weather and will leave your skin feeling pretty darn happy. We’re ready to kiss dry skin goodbye, are you?!