The Ultimate janegee Road Trip: Catskill, NY

Peyton's - Catskill, NY
Welcome to the fourth stop on our virtual road trip blog series. Today, we’re taking you to Catskill, NY. Catskill is home to one of our fabulous retail partners, Peyton’s. Peyton’s is a small shop focused on eclectic artisan-centric collections that are responsibly sourced and priced. We chatted with their founder, Anne, to talk about starting her small business, must-dos for visiting Catskill, and her favorite janegee products.

Meet Peyton’s - Catskill, NY

Tell us a bit about yourself and your business
“I am a 2nd generation New Yorker, growing up on the Lower East side of Manhattan with a family of Italian and Irish descent. While a freshman in college, I was fortunate enough to get a job at Macy’s as Christmas help, where my career began. Ironically, both of my parents and aunt had worked at Macy’s while they were in college and law school. The family fashion/retail legacy was started by my grandfather, who emigrated from Italy as a young man, became an apparel designer, and sold his assortment in Bergdorf Goodman! After an amazing 2 decade long career at Macy’s, I had the opportunity to share my industry experience while teaching at FIT and LIM colleges in NYC. I still teach as an Adjunct at LIM.”

What inspired you to open Peyton’s?
“When I was younger, I shopped at a local gift shop for friends and family presents. I always dreamed of having my own shop, and in July of 2022, my dream came true opening up Peyton's in Catskill, New York.

My maternal grandmother, after whom I am named, was the inspiration for the shop name. The shops’ merchandise is focused on artisan centric collections. All offerings are responsibly sourced and priced. Over 85% of the shop's assortment is produced in the US. Additionally, over 70% of the assortment is women-owned.”

Why did you feel Catskill was the right place for your business?
“After years in retail, I knew the need to own the retail space wherever I planned the business. Catskill is charming, a part of American artisan history, and accessible. Fortunately, after very sound family advice, the opportunity arose and I was able to purchase the building the shop is in.”

What are a few must-dos for anyone visiting Catskill for the first time?
  • Thomas Cole House - Founder of Hudson River school of Art
  • Olana - designed by Frederic Church - Hudson River school of Art
  • Kaaterskill Fall - one of the highest waterfall in New York as well as Eastern US
How did you first discover janegee?
“I was looking for Bergamot products - and just got LUCKY!!!”

Which janegee products are most popular in your shop?
“Bergamot Grapefruit hand cream and lotion.”

Which janegee products are your personal favorites?
“Bergamot Grapefruit hand cream and lotion and the bath salts”

Next time you are in Catskill be sure to stop by Peyton’s and tell them Jane sent you!

356 Main Street Catskill, NY 12414