The Ultimate janegee Road Trip: Saratoga Springs, NY

The Beekman Atelier

Welcome to the third stop on our virtual road trip blog series. Today, we’re taking you to Saratoga Springs, NY. Saratoga Springs is home to one of our incredible retail partners, The Beekman Atelier. When you step inside their shop, you will see the atelier where they design, drape, pattern, and sew one-of-a-kind products. They also offer unique goods and creations from local artisans. We chatted with their founder, Caroline, to talk about the journey that led her to opening The Beekman Atelier, her must-dos for anyone visiting Saratoga Springs for the first time, and more!

Meet The Beekman Atelier - Saratoga Springs, NY

Tell us a bit about yourself and your business

“I graduated with a Bachelors of Fine Arts majoring in Fashion Design. I was a designer for major retail brands for over 15 years from Los Angeles, Philadelphia to NYC. I left the corporate world to focus on my health and raising my children.”

What inspired you to open The Beekman Atelier?

“There are many life events that brought me to Saratoga Springs, and to the Beekman Street Atelier specifically. Part of my journey included a stressful, unsatisfying career in the world of corporate fashion. The empty-yet-exhausting years of working for major fashion labels made me yearn for the simpler and deeper things that drew me to fashion and clothing design to begin with — the craftsmanship, the artistry, working with one’s hands, sketching, using fabrics to create one’s vision. I inherited this passion from my Mom, who grew up in Syria sewing all of her clothing along with her sisters. Their clothing was made from Syrian fabrics and were high-quality, wearable pieces of art. This explains why my label is called “Medyati,” which is my Mom and her sister’s family name.  

The Beekman Atelier unites several deep passions of mine. 

First, my love for the craft of sewing and clothing design. It is joy to have a vision, design it, then actually use your hands and materials to make it. To this day, one of my proudest achievements was making a metal dress out of hundreds of little metal mending plates for my senior project in college. My senior design critic, Anne Klein, selected the sketch I illustrated of this dress, from several other sketches I had shown of more practical evening gowns. I was advised by my patternmaking teacher not to make it — it was too unconventional and risky, she said — but I continued and made something very unique and special. For over fifteen years in the corporate world, I couldn’t take risks like that. But now that metal dress hangs inside the sewing space in the Atelier. It represents the spirit of work and adventure that I hope characterizes the Atelier.

Second, as my Mom’s childhood making clothes with her sisters taught her, the art of sewing is not just a form of self-empowerment and expression; it can also be a social and communal activity. I love the idea of cultivating a community space and educational space centered around the art of sewing. Passing down that knowledge is a source of deep satisfaction for me. Third, my vision for a design shop where exceptional clothes are created and sold. I still remember an experience from nearly twenty years ago of walking into a little clothing store in Copenhagen, Denmark and seeing not just beautiful garments but also a team of designers actively engaged in making more items. The atmosphere of focus, beauty, and harmony in that design shop struck me and has stayed with me. The feeling it gave me is what I strive to recreate in the Atelier.”

Why did you feel Saratoga Springs was the right place for your business?  

“This town feels like a small big city if that makes sense. We have so many people coming to visit Saratoga Springs throughout the year, and also there is a great community living here that supports small businesses. I feel so grateful to see non chain stores thriving!”

What are a few must-dos for anyone visiting Saratoga Springs for the first time?

“You must visit and drink water from one of the many natural springs. My favorites are in the state park. Also, a healing mineral bath at the Roosevelt Baths is a must! Visiting spac for a summertime performance is pure magic! The horse races are a sight to see during track season! Dining out is also fun, a few of my favorites are Solevo, Hamlet & Ghost and Seneca. Lastly, visiting the shops, galleries and restaurants in the Historic Beekman Street Art District (my shop is here!)”

How did you first discover janegee? 

“I was on the lookout for smaller businesses within the vicinity of where my shop is, as one of my musts is to support local/nearby artists/artisans. Another must for me is to have clean, non toxic products in my shop and janegee’s products are all that and more!”

Which janegee products are most popular in your shop?

The hand cream by far!”  

Which janegee products are your personal favorites? 

“I love the Bergamot Grapefruit Hand Cream as well as the Face Oil No.1. It smells amazing and makes my skin feel so hydrated. I have very sensitive skin so I appreciate these products beyond measure.” 

Next time you are in Saratoga Springs be sure to stop by The Beekman Atelier and tell them Jane sent you!

The Beekman Atelier
103 Beekman Street, Saratoga Springs, New York 12866