Transitioning Your Skincare Routine From Summer to Fall

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With fall just a few weeks away we’re already starting to feel the shift of seasons. Before we know it, crisp fall mornings will be here and a switch up of your skincare routine may be needed. Temperature changes, humidity levels, and other differences in your environment can all have an impact on your skin. Changing up your routine seasonally is a good way to keep your skin in tip top shape. Read below to discover our top tips for updating your skincare routine for the colder months. 

Fall Skincare Tips

Prep your skin for the cooler weather

Preparing your skin for the climate in any season is important, but it is especially crucial during the fall and winter months when your skin is exposed to the colder temperatures. First, make sure you are consistent with cleansing your skin every day. Cleansing is the single most important step in your skincare routine. When you use a good, natural cleanser you are setting the foundation for the rest of your skincare routine by balancing the pH, washing away dirt and debris, and hydrating the skin. Next, we highly recommend following your cleanser with a drop of our Elixir Corrective Serum. This serum was designed to balance and hydrate all skin types. Not only is it phenomenal for helping reduce the appearance of sun damage, and smooth fine lines and wrinkles, but it also prepares your skin for the rest of your routine by boosting the effectiveness of the products that follow. Finally, make sure you finish your routine by applying your moisturizer of choice, whether that be our Vitamin Creme, Tomate Creme, or Beauty Oil. Our skin needs all the moisture it can get when the weather is cold.

Pump up the hydration

Sometimes, a moisturizer might not be enough on its own. For an extra boost of hydration, we suggest applying a treatment oil before your moisturizer. Our Face Oils provide even more hydration and boost the health of the skin. If you're unsure which janegee Face Oil best suits your skin's needs, you can take our oil quiz to find the perfect match. 

And you can’t forget your lips! There is nothing worse than having painful dry, cracked, or blistered lips. Be sure to always have a Sweet Stick on hand to keep your lips moisturized and protected from the elements.

Incorporate our weekly Detox & Glow Routine into your schedule

We have found our simple and effective detox and glow routine will truly help you achieve and maintain a healthy, radiant glow throughout fall and winter. Using one of our natural Clay Masks followed by our Brightening Treatment Mask will make a difference in not only your complexion, but the health of your skin. Learn more about the routine here.

We hope these tips help you easily update your skincare routine for the fall and winter! If you have any additional concerns or questions, we recommend booking a Discovery Consultation with one of our knowledgeable skincare professionals. We’re here to help you on your journey to healthy, radiant skin!