Valentine’s Day Gift Guide: 7 Self-Care Gifts to Pamper Yourself

janegee Body Oil

With Valentine’s Day just a few weeks away, this time of year serves as a great reminder to celebrate love in all its forms. However, today we are going to focus on self-love. One of our favorite ways to show ourselves some love is by indulging in a night of self-care. Read below to discover the perfect self-care gifts to pamper yourself with this Valentine’s Day.

Our Self-Care Night Must-Haves

janegee Bath Soak Sampler

1. Bath Soak Set

Pamper yourself with this aromatherapy bath soak sampler. This set includes five mineral-rich aromatherapy bath salts. They will take your bath to the next level of luxury. 

janegee Facial Kit

2. Facial Kit

Our Facial Kit is our favorite thing to incorporate into our weekly self-care practice. This kit has everything you need to cleanse, purify, smooth, and tone your skin. You will feel as though you have brought the spa to your home and your skin will be radiant.

janegee Lotion Candle

3. Lotion Candle

One of our absolute favorite self-care products. Our Lotion Candles have a lovely blend of carrier oils, butters, and essential oils that work together to soften skin, hydrate, and rejuvenate. It makes the perfect light while you enjoy a nice bath, and will have accumulated a beautiful pool of wax to hydrate and soothe your skin after your relaxing evening. 

Facial Roller & Gua Sha Set

4. Facial Roller and Gua Sha Set

These tools help promote lymphatic drainage, improve circulation, and reduce puffiness. Plus, they feel incredible on the skin. Pro tip: For an extra cooling massage, leave your tools in the fridge in between uses.

janegee Brightening Treatment Mask

5. Brightening Mask

This restorative mask helps to lighten and brighten the skin while evening and smoothing skin tone. It feels so soft and silky on the skin. You will be glowing afterward!

janegee Bath Bombs

6. Bath Bombs

Our Bath Bombs are fun, fragrant (pure essential oils), and ultra-hydrating. They are filled with organic sunflower seed oil, coconut oil, and cocoa butter to soften and soothe your skin while you bathe.

janegee Body Oil

7. Body Oil

Our rich Body Oils will leave your skin feeling soft, supple, and hydrated. Use on your body or hair to moisturize and nourish. Pro tip: They are also fabulous as a bath oil!

Which janegee products are your go-to for self-care? We’d love to know! Share your favorites on social media and tag us! 

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