Wait…That’s Not My Cuticle?

You know that thin strip of skin that creeps on to the base of your nail? The one that’s been poked and prodded and pushed back for years (probably once or twice at your own hands…)? Well surprise! That is not your cuticle – so cut it out with the poking already!

What has come to be referred to as the cuticle in the nail industry is actually a little known structure called the eponychium – and it deserves our love. This little organ forms a protective seal between our nail and the rest of our skin and is responsible for keeping out harmful bacteria. While technicians are right in removing the cuticle, what they often end up doing is clipping the eponychium in addition to the dead cells that it sheds (a.k.a. the actual cuticle). This consequently breaks the seal of the eponychium, opening up the nail plate to all kinds of nasty bacteria and infection. Whether this has become a trend because it provides a “more appealing” look or just because of bad habits is hard to say. What is clear is that it needs to stop.

At janegee, we prioritize the health of the nail as well as providing a fantastic service experience for our clients. This means paying attention to the details. This means treating every part of the body (even if it’s as small as the eponychium) as the star of the show. We have even formulated a nail scrub with gentle and safe cuticle removal in mind. Say goodbye to those awful pincers and hello to our salt scrub, blended with botanical oils and pure essential oils, which will softly and swiftly clean away the cuticle and any other debris while leaving the eponychium intact. The oil blend also provides the moisture and nutrients that your nail needs to keep producing healthy cells and strong beautiful nails. As one client affectionately calls it, “a true manicure in a jar!”