Welcome to janegee

The world of beauty is changing – and people are beginning to take notice. As someone who has been in this industry now for well over 30 years, I could not be more excited to be a part of the shift that is happening in the world of beauty. Pure, beautiful ingredients are an important piece to a healthy life (as they should be!) and the world is taking a safer, more educated path to skincare.

From natural acne treatments, to eyelash tinting, to the perfect probiotic, this blog will be dedicated to the natural (skincare) movement. My goal is to arm you with reliable information and mold you into the informed, smart, and aware consumer you are meant to be! I simply want to help everyone I can to become empowered to make decisions regarding their bodies and support you to live the healthiest lifestyle you deserve.

The path to beauty is a holistic one and I don’t believe in just treating one ailment – I believe in treating the whole person. Your journey to creating beautiful skin also involves what going on inside your body. As posts unfold you will learn more about how it is all connected.

I look forward to our candid conversations, your insights and questions as this blog grows and morphs. I am excited to take this journey together and watch you live your best life… naturally.

Let’s become better together.