Welcoming janegee's Third Year on Congress Street

While janegee has been in business for the last ten years, we have grown incredibly as a brand over the course of our second year at our Congress Street location in downtown Portsmouth. This month, we celebrated our third birthday in our new location and enjoyed looking back on how far we've come. We’ve continued to offer all-natural skin care, and have expanded on several fronts, including our efforts to educate women and men to feel empowered with the knowledge that they can care for, manage, and learn to love their own skin.

Empowering Events

Education is a big part of what we do. October at janegee was dedicated to celebrating empowered women and sharing their stories with the community. We hosted a night of empowerment with three local entrepreneurs, including our own founder, Jane. Our guests recounted their individual journeys to find their power and the daily rituals they use to keep themselves going.

Growing Our Team

janegee has been lucky enough to have a strong team of like-minded individuals who have accompanied us on our journey and believed in our mission to help people discover their own beauty, naturally. Lee Zavorskas is now a full-time manager at our store in Portsmouth. She is always eager to help, a great problem solver, and a joy to have around.

We also moved into a new factory space and are proud to welcome Chief Technician, Joanna Kaleta to the team. Her dedication to making pure natural products is outstanding. We love her sense of humor and the fact that she doesn’t take herself too seriously!

New in Store

You may have noticed other additions to our stores. janegee developed a slew of new products this year, including hair oil, dry shampoo, new soap scents (charcoal, garden rose, and rosemary mint), clay masks, scented bath salts, and five new face oils. We also just opened our in-store nail bar, which we hope will grow and spread the word: natural is how we are meant to be!

Looking Ahead

We’ve been so happy to be able to share these milestones with all of you and we’re looking forward to many more in the years to come. We’ve received enquiries for duplicating and expanding our new nail bar, and are working on ways to assist women in business and help them build a future for themselves and their families. We’re also planning even more empowering events in-store and in the community.

Regardless of where we are and what we’re up to in our third year, our commitment remains the same: bring our love and respect for nature’s wisdom to our customers so that they in turn are empowered to love and respect themselves.