What is Natural Skincare?

Are your natural products really natural?

Natural skin care sounds simple enough, but are your products really natural? When I began making products, the one thing that was near impossible was finding a way to preserve them naturally. All that was available was phenoxyethanol - a chemical that most companies consider “natural”. There are other chemical preservatives around but this one is the go to in the industry. You will find it lower down on the ingredient deck on the back of your products, which means... It’s a product I wanted to avoid so I set about figuring out how to preserve them without the nasties. A local cosmetic chemist worked with me in a makeshift lab we set up in my garage. It took two years, but I am proud to say we did it! I did not want to launch a range until I could honestly say my products were 100% natural. janegee is the real deal. 100% green, natural, close to nature and as organic as is possible.

Natural skincare is a big subject. It is actually much harder to make products with natural ingredients because the growing season determines the chemical structure of the materials, that is why each batch can look slightly different, and smell slightly different. It is a real challenge to be able to work with mother nature and adjust recipes to suit the results of any given season. It has taken us a few years to figure it all out. So we know how confusing it can be for the consumer. There is a lot of information out there and it’s not all good. janegee is all about education and we want to make you a discerning shopper by giving you the knowledge you need to make good choices for yourself and your family.  Here at janegee, we’re apart of the natural, green beauty movement. In fact, we lay claim to being pioneers in the industry. Our mission is to provide you with the absolute best, natural products for achieving a healthy, strong, balanced skin. A healthy skin is a beautiful skin. Nature really does have all the answers.

Is it really that bad to use unnatural products?

We are a part of nature. It stands to reason that our bodies understand botanicals and the signature of nature. Anything you put on your skin or spray around your body is in your bloodstream in 26 seconds. Take a second to really think about that. If your rivers and oceans are polluted it’s all running off us. Taking the steps to become a part of the green beauty movement is the best thing you can do for your planet. Think about that next time you lather your skin with products filled with chemicals. The body does not know what to do with the chemicals and synthetics, but it does understand nature. Chemicals can cause a cascade of inflammation in the body, create free radicals that damage your cells, and prevent your body from absorbing fat soluble vitamins. And that is just a start!

If you want your skin to look good, you need to learn to speak its language. Products laden with chemicals and abrasive treatments will age you faster and cause irreparable damage to your skin.  Unnatural products can destroy the pH of your skin, strip it of its natural oils, and weaken it.

Empty out your medicine cabinet. All you need is a few items.

The less you do the better! Ditch the surfactants, cleansers that foam and sud, scrubs and peels, tonics and toners….yes ditch them all. You don’t need any of them.

Take care of your stratum corneum!  The surface of our skin is called the stratum corneum, and it‘s vital to keep it healthy and functioning well. Keep your skin clean without stripping it, make sure to keep it hydrated, and detox regularly.

Good skincare starts with a good facial cleanser. Some cleansers can be too strong for certain

skin types, while others aren’t strong enough. Even natural ingredients can cause sensitivities for some, but we can work with you to find the best cleanser for your skin.

If there’s a specific issue or concern you have with your skin, you should use a treatment oil or serum after cleansing. We have a range of face oils so that each concern can be met and improved. Whether you’re concerned about dryness, aging, acne, redness or something else, we have an oil for you.

If you struggle with dry skin, you will need a good moisturizer. Get a moisturizer with good, clean, beneficial ingredients and nutrients to make your skin look and feel great.

Finally, you’re going to want to detox your skin regularly. It’s all the rage to detox your body but what about your skin?  It’s vital to detox your skin on a regular basis. The particles of pollution floating in the atmosphere are smaller than the pores of your skin. They go into your pores causing all kinds of damage and inflammation.

So exactly how do you detox your skin? Our go-to for a good detox is Pure Natural Clay. Natural clay is full of ions and when you add water to the clay you electrically charge it.  The clay’s opposite polarity makes it attract heavy metals and toxins to pull them up and out of the skin. When you wash the clay off you wash off all the nasties that were in your skin. How fantastic is that?! The clay will draw up the blood to feed and tone the skin and stimulate the lymphatics to drain waste from the skin. Your skin will be glowing! Come in for one of our holistic skincare treatments with one of our fabulous estheticians or or pick up a janegee Facial Kit and do our famous mini facial at home.

We suggest trying to do the janegee mini facial protocol weekly, or coming in for a skincare treatment every 4-6 weeks.

When you are kind to your skin and give it the care it needs to remain balanced, it will thank you with a gorgeous, dewy glow.  Your skin works hard to protect you from toxins and microbial infections; why not say thank you by treating it to some naturally healthy products!