Why We Love Linen

Have you ever slept on linen sheets? Have you tried linen towels in the bathroom? Have you tried a linen table cloth or napkins? Linen is an amazing fabric that is often ignored due to its high price tags. Our desire to share ethical, environmentally friendly products has led us to focus entirely on linen. Continue reading to discover the amazing benefits of time honored linen for you and your family.

Environmentally Friendly

For over 10,000 years, flax has been grown, harvested and used for a wide variety of things all over the world. You will find it in furniture, flooring, food, and of course fabric. This plant is found in many different countries but it thrives in Western Europe where the climate is cool and the soil is moist. Linen yarn used for manufacturing linen is spun from fibers found in the stem of the flax plant. In the harvesting process, every part of the plant is used, making it extremely environmentally friendly. The seeds are pressed to make linseed oil which is used in floor coverings, such as linoleum and paint, and the stalk of the plant is used in manufacturing the yarn used for the linen fabric.  Linen is a renewable resource that needs no irrigation. As long as the climate isn’t extra hot or dry, flax needs minimal water and no chemicals or preservatives to grow. Linen is made of 100% natural fibers which makes the products biodegradable.

More Durable

Linen is known to be the world’s strongest natural fiber. Due to its long fibers, it is twice as durable as cotton and three times as durable as wool. This strength causes the linen to last a very long time making the bedding and towels a true investment. When washed and cared for correctly, cotton sheets will last around 3-5 years, before showing signs of wear. Linen sheets, however, get softer and better with every wash. Unlike cotton, when cared for correctly, linen has the potential to last 2-3 decades before it needs to be replaced. The durability of the fiber makes for a structurally sound product that does not stretch, shrink or lose its shape when handled correctly.

Great Longevity

Linen undergoes a molecular change when it is wet and becomes stronger, resulting in greater longevity than cotton.


This is one of our favorite qualities of linen.  In other words, high absorbency. Linen absorbs as much as 20% of its weight in moisture before ever feeling wet, so it always feels fresh and cool. This makes linen towels amazing when used as everyday bath towels. They dry your body quickly without getting the towel soaking wet. When hung they dry so fast you will not have a wet towel the next day, or the smell that comes with old towels.

Promotes Relaxation

Linen is a breathable fabric that keeps you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. This temperature controlled quality allows you to feel totally relaxed and comfortable at night, aiding in a great nights sleep. Linen also has a light massaging effect because of the microscopic breaks throughout the fabric.  Jane even noticed her legs ached less after sleeping on her linen sheets!


Linen reduces static electricity creating a microclimate of enhanced comfort.


Linen never causes allergic reactions, making it the perfect fabric for those with skin disorders or sensitivities.  We love using linen face cloths for washing our face since they don’t irritate acne prone or problem skins. Linen face cloths are also great for removing your favorite janegee clay mask!


Linen is resistant to bacteria, fungus, dust mites and is naturally insect repellent.

Dirt Repellent

Linen sheets naturally repel dirt, helping aid in the fresh feeling they give you when you sleep on or handle them.

UV Protector

Linen fabric protects against UV radiation. We love wearing a linen shirt or dress in the summer as a cover up. The breathability properties of linen allow you to stay cool even when you are out in the sun.

Linen Care


  • By hand – was with cool or lukewarm water with mild soap or gentle detergent.
  • By washing machine – was your linen at max 100F. Gentle washing machine cycle. Do not bleach.
  • *Please note your linen may shrink up to 5% for its first wash.

Drying - Tumble dry low. Do not over dry. For best results, line dry naturally. Linen naturally dries quickly.

Ironing – iron your linen while slightly damp.

Storing – store your linen goods in cool, dry, well-ventilated place.

Linen gets softer, stronger and more absorbent after each wash because of its unique properties. Provided a few simple rules are followed, linen will remain in its pristine condition for years, through normal household use.

We have tried sleeping on cotton, bamboo and linen sheets. The cotton sheets are crisp and classic, and the bamboo sheets are silky and smooth. Linen offers such a unique and luxurious experience. They are soft, yet crisp and durable. They keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. The more you handle and wash the sheets the softer they get. Linen sheets are so durable that when cared for correctly they can last decades. If you dream of sleeping soundly on heavenly soft sheets that are all-natural, breathable, adjust to your body temperature and are environmentally friendly, then you will love linen too!

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