Why We Love Natural Makeup

As much as we love good makeup, we don’t like the ingredients in most commercial brands. We have all been bombarded by the media about the chemicals, toxins, and synthetic ingredients commonly found in skincare. But makeup is often overlooked and can be much worse! We urge you to really stop and think about it. If our rivers and oceans are polluted then so are we. It all runs off us, into the earth and waterways. It is popular to be mindful of the food we eat and we think it’s about time we put that same effort into the products we use on our skin. Everything you put on your skin and around your body is in your bloodstream in 32 seconds. Really think about that.

Similar to skincare, the FDA does not require makeup companies to acquire approval for any ingredients. That means they can use ANY raw material they wish in their products. There are over 10,000 ingredients that are commonly used in personal care products, 89% of those ingredients have not been reviewed by the Cosmetic Industry Review or the FDA.

Your skin absorbs and reacts to anything you put on it. That includes your skincare, makeup, and other personal care products. Think of how medical and nicotine patches work. Synthetic chemicals can clog pores and sweat glands, cause inflammation, breakouts, and blackheads. These synthetic chemicals get absorbed into your bloodstream within seconds and can cause additional health concerns like irritation, reproductive complications, cancer, and more.

Why you should switch to natural makeup

  • It’s better for the environment
  • You’ll be exposed to less harsh chemicals
  • Lower chance of getting irritation or allergies from makeup
  • Better for your skin health
  • Better for your overall health
  • You’ll be preventing premature signs of aging
  • Natural ingredients contain antioxidants and vitamins
  • Your body can read botanical and natural ingredients, it does not know what to do with chemicals and synthetics.
  • Why not? The benefits are truly worth it.

So you want to make the switch to natural makeup, but where do you start?

Many makeup brands have started labeling their products with terms like “natural”, and “green”, and “organic”. However, you still need to pay attention to the ingredients. Just because a product is labeled organic or natural, doesn’t mean it’s free from synthetic ingredients, toxins, fragrance, and parabens. Natural products are not regulated, so their labels are never verified or confirmed.

Cosmetic companies are also capable of hiding ingredients by classifying them as trade secrets, meaning they’re not required to list them. Companies also don’t have to list the ingredients they use in very small amounts. Do your homework when it comes to natural makeup brands. When products claim to be organic, that means just 95% of the ingredients have to be organic. Pay close attention to what these brands use as preservatives. It’s difficult to find a good, natural preservative. Look for preservatives such as phenoxyethanol, a broad spectrum preservative that is completely synthetic. This is the go-to for most natural brands. Any product with water in it needs a preservative. This is why many brands do not use a proper preservative and are at a higher risk for growing mold and bacteria.

Here at janegee, we trial and test products before we bring them to you. Here are a few of our favorite makeup brands that meet our standards of good, clean, natural beauty.

Our favorite brands



RMS Beauty

RMS Beauty was started by Rose-Marie, a prominent makeup artist who has worked with some of the most prestigious models, actors, photographers and magazines in the fashion and beauty world. Several years ago, she began to experience some severe health issues and discovered it was related to the toxic chemicals and heavy metals in her system. These ingredients were commonly found in the makeup products we use daily. She rebuilt her health and created this truly organic color cosmetic line that is now sold worldwide.



Kjaer Weis

This is new to janegee and we love, love it. A luxury brand that gives you perfect coverage. And it’s all refillable. Just gorgeous! Founded by Danish-born makeup artist Kirsten Kjaer Weis. This brand offers makeup that is beautiful on your skin and packaged in an equally beautiful, luxury and sustainable case that is refillable. Their goal has been to merge the two worlds of luxury and sustainability without compromise. Kjaer Weis ensures that all ingredients are Certified Natural or Certified Organic while also keeping the standards of luxury beauty. This makeup works with your skin, not against it.

Lily Lolo

A luxurious natural makeup brand from England that offers healthy, high-performing, beautiful cosmetics without compromise. Founded by Vikki Khan, who fell in love with the high coverage and simplicity of mineral makeup from a young age. Lily Lolo is an award-winning mineral cosmetics range that can now be found in beauty salons around the US and Canada. Each product is made with natural, chemical free ingredients, while still offering vibrant eye shadows, lipsticks, and flawless foundations.

Aisling Organics

Founded by Krysta, Aisling Organics is clean, pure, and natural as can be. They're goal is to educate people about the power of the ingredients they use in their hand-crafted cosmetics. All of their formulas are made with the best, organic ingredients including pumpkin, black tea, german chamomile, shea butter, coconut oil and more. You can be confident in the health of your skin and body when using these products.

For more information on specific ingredients to avoid, reference the janegee Nasties List.

The skin is our largest organ. It is our barrier against infection. Using synthetic chemicals and harsh products can break down this barrier and strip the top layer of skin of essential oils and moisture. When our skin is damaged, we’re prone to infection, irritation, breakouts, premature aging and more. Investing in good, proper skincare is like investing in your health. By taking care of your skin now, you’re preventing problems from arising in the future. Using good, clean skincare products can only do so much if you’re lathering your skin with chemical laden makeup during the day. Find a makeup routine as clean as your skincare.

If you are unsure of the direction to go in, we offer a variety of makeup services. Bring in your makeup to learn more about the ingredients, or learn more about the products we offer and how to apply them. Enjoy the comforts of a private room for a makeup lesson or application. If you live nearby we would love to see you.