Are You Taking Care of Your Gut Health This Holiday Season?

The holiday season is upon us and this time of year is filled with many gatherings, celebrations, and delicious food. While we love all of these things, the busyness and abundant amounts of yummy treats can often take a toll on both our gut and our skin. Read below to learn how to best support your gut this holiday season to make sure your skin stays healthy and glowing through the holiday season!

The Importance of Taking Care of Your Gut

The Gut Skin Connection 

We cannot emphasize enough that skincare is an inside job. Your skin is a window into your gut. There is a strong connection between skin conditions like acne, pigmentation, premature aging, eczema, and the health of your gut. If you’re noticing your skin is acting up during this time of year, it is important to look at what you’re consuming and to be mindful of how it may be affecting your body. Don’t get us wrong, we’re all for a holiday treat! However, it is important to continue to eat healthy and support your gut through all the holiday festivities, so your body doesn’t have to suffer from the aftermath. 

Common Dietary Triggers: 

Dairy, sugar, gluten, alcohol, etc can all cause various problems to arise on the skin. If you struggle with a specific type of acne or notice that it always appears in a specific location, we’d suggest looking at the dietary trigger face maps below. Here you will see common ways that these dietary triggers affect the skin.

Face Maps

Face Maps

By referencing these face maps, you can start to see what may be triggering your skin to act up. These maps are an incredible tool. However, there is so much more you can learn from our incredible janegee practitioners. From skincare to Nutritional Response Testing to Ayurvedic Health coaching, we can help you guide and support you in becoming the best, healthiest version of yourself. Learn more about our treatments and services here.

Foods That Support the Gut:

Now that you’ve learned what to avoid, let’s discuss foods to include in your diet. 

Foods to support a healthy gut:

  • Apple Cider Vinegar 
  • Bone Broth 
  • Lacto Fermented Foods - yogurt, kombucha, sauerkraut, kefir, etc
  • Raw Honey 
  • Fiber-Rich Foods - Apples, leafy greens, avocados, legumes, onions, garlic, etc

These foods are amazing in supporting the health of your gut. Add these to your next grocery list to start incorporating them into your diet. Additionally, for a list of nutritious, healthy, and delicious recipes we highly recommend checking out our friend and nutritional partner, Alyssa Lovas of Live Free and Thrive Nutrition. Some of our favorite cold-weather recipes are this incredible Curry Lentil Soup and this easy One-Pot Chicken Thighs. Eating healthy doesn’t have to be boring!

We hope you found this information helpful and feel more confident in how to support your gut this holiday season. Once again, you can enjoy yourself at holiday gatherings. Just make sure that the rest of the time you are fueling your body with nutrient foods. Your skin will thank you!

Let’s Become Better Together!