Product Profile: The Brightening Treatment Mask

Brightening Treatment Mask

Available for purchase!

We are incredibly excited to announce our brand new janegee Treatment Mask. This first-of-its-kind restorative cream treatment mask features our newest clean and effective natural ingredient added to the janegee line. You might be wondering what this amazing ingredient is… We’ll get to that shortly, let’s talk about the Treatment Mask first. 

Introducing the Brightening Treatment Mask. This restorative mask helps to lighten and brighten the skin, while evening and smoothing skin tone, ultimately, helping you achieve a youthful and healthy glow. Even better, it is designed to work on all skin types, including dull, aging, oily, acne-prone, red and reactive skin, and dry skin. 

When Jane set out to develop her signature Treatment mask, she envisioned a mask that would soothe any skin type or condition. A mask that when applied to the skin, helped protect and strengthen the surface of the skin. Through years of research and development, the team came across an incredible natural ingredient that would help us perfect the ultimate mask, Ectoin®. 

Keep reading to learn more about our brand new hero ingredient and the other natural elements make up this ultra-soothing Treatment Mask


Ectoin® natural is an amino acid derivative and belongs to the group of extremolytes. Extremolytes are small stress-protection molecules, which protect extremophilic microorganisms and plants from the lethal and extreme conditions of their habitats like salt lakes, hot springs, arctic ice, the deep sea or deserts.

So what does that mean for your skin? Ectoin helps reduce the loss of moisture in the skin while also softening the appearance of wrinkles. It protects from oxidative damage to the skin, UV Light, and pollution. And last but not least, this incredible ingredient decreases redness, and promotes an even, glowing, and hydrated skin. 

Rose Clay

This incredible natural clay cleans dirt and impurities from the skin. It helps refresh the skin leaving behind a bright and healthy glow. 

Fun Fact: Did you know a natural, mineral-rich clay work becomes electrically charged when you add water to them? When you do this, positive and negative ions attract each other. As this happens, the clay draws up any heavy metals, dirt, and debris from the skin and washes them away. 

Trust us, your skin will never feel more clean and refreshed once you start incorporating this Treatment Mask into your weekly routine!

Grapeseed Oil 

Grapeseed oil is cold pressed from the seeds of wine grapes. It is a light and easily absorbed oil with a satiny finish. It is non-comedogenic and works well for most skin types, including acne and oily skin.

How to Use: 

For best results, we recommend using your Treatment Mask a minimum of one time per week. However, it is designed to be used up to three times per week. Simply use the antimicrobial silicone spatula to scoop out a quarter size amount of the mask. On a freshly cleansed face, apply an even layer over your face and let sit for 10-20 minutes. This cream mask is fantastic to use around the under eyes and neck, as it does not harden and dry. After allowing the mask to treat the skin, wash off with a clean linen face cloth. Follow up with your favorite janegee moisturizer! 

Additional Uses for the Treatment Mask: 

Eye Treatment

This cream mask doubles as a fantastic intensive eye treatment as it does not harden or dry. We’ve found that this combination of ingredients creates the ideal daily eye treatment. Simply apply a pea-sized amount Treatment Mask under the eyes and gently rub in (avoid getting IN your eyes) to brightening under-eye circles and soften fine lines around the eyes. No need to remove it; this treatment can be left on during the day or overnight. This restorative mask will rehydrate this delicate area, helping to brighten and even skin tone, while also reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Neck Treatment 

We believe you should consider your neck as an extension of your skincare routine! Don’t forget this important step when treating your skin. Our janegee Treatment Mask is a must-have restorative treatment for the neck. Apply this nourishing mask to your neck 3-4 times a week to rehydrate and restore the area. Apply an even layer over your neck area and let sit for 10-20 minutes. Remove with a warm, damp face cloth. Follow up with your favorite janegee moisturizer! For super dry, dull, and sagging skin leave the mask on during the day or overnight until the skin improves, then continue to use on a weekly basis as instructed.

Hand Treatment 

The harsh, cold climates can leave your skin rough to the touch, scaly, and can even cause splitting or bleeding. If this sounds all too familiar, we recommend using our brand new product as a hand treatment. The hydrating and soothing effects will have your hands feeling soft, supple, and moisturized. Apply this nourishing mask to the back of your hands to rehydrate and restore the area, brighten, and reduce dark spots. Apply a thin layer over your hands and massage into your skin. No need to remove it; this treatment can be left on during the day or overnight.  

Hydrating Treatment for Very Dry Skin

This cream mask makes a fantastic ultra hydrating treatment for super dry skin. To use, rub a small amount of the Treatment Mask into your skin at night after your normal skincare routine and let it soak in for extra nourishment while you sleep. Remove in the morning with your normal cleansing routine.