The Key to Healthy Skin

Create a Consistent Routine

We’re about to let you in on a big secret most skincare brands don’t want you to know…You don’t need a vanity full of products to achieve healthy skin! (gasp)

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The 5 Tenets of Healthy Skin

We believe less is always more. Simple and effective skincare routines might only consist of 3 products, and that’s ok. We believe that when following the 5 Tenets of Healthy Skin, you can have a clean beauty routine in 5 products or less.

Let’s dive into a brief overview of each of Jane’s tenets. 

The 1st Tenet
Cleanse the Skin

Set the foundation for what is to come. Balance the pH so the skin can function correctly, remove any excess dirt and debris, and promote a healthy acid mantle.

The 2nd Tenet

Balance the energy in your skin. Yin and Yang oils are designed to balance circulation leaving our skin clear and even-toned.

The 3rd Tenet

The more minerals your skin has, the better it holds hydration. For fresh and glowing skin, replenish regularly with the bounty of nature.

The 4th Tenet

Hydrate and moisturize your skin in a way that maintains the presence and balance of your skin’s natural defenses.

The 5th Tenet

Believe it or not, pollution particles are finer than our pores. Detoxing your skin using natural clay will draw up those pollutants, dirt, and debris to prevent premature aging.

Keeping up with your custom
Natural Skincare Routine
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