Is Your Man Stealing Your Skincare?

Ladies, is your man stealing your skincare? Or even worse… Is he washing his face with soap and water? If you answered yes to either of these questions, we’ve got the perfect solution for you! We developed our JG for Men line to provide men with a simple, easy, and effective skincare routine. Furthermore, we created two Bloke Starter Kits (The Essentials Kit and The Pro Kit) to offer a curated selection of products based on your man’s skincare needs. Help your man put his best face forward by sharing with him the kits below.

JG Bloke Skincare Starter Kit

JG Bloke Starter Kit

Face Wash - This hydrating cleanser is specially formulated to thoroughly cleanse your skin without drying or stripping it of its natural oils. It will leave your skin feeling fresh and restored.

Face Moisturizer - This lightweight moisturizer is a powerhouse of antioxidants and nourishing oils designed to balance and hydrate your skin. It also works to strengthen the skin and treat fine lines and wrinkles to promote a healthy, youthful look. It is great for both day and night.

Hand Cream - This rich, powerful blend of natural mango, shea, and cocoa butters will hydrate and help to restore dry skin. Can be applied as often as needed.

Beard Oil* - This nourishing oil will promote healthy new growth while leaving your beard feeling soft, smooth, and hydrated. Notes of cedarwood, lemon, and pine pair to create a lasting woodsy aroma.

Shave Oil* - This blend of botanical oils works on any beard type to create a smooth glide and comfortable shave. It will reduce nicks, shaving bumps, cuts, dry skin, ingrown hairs, and shaving rashes.

*Included in the Pro Kit only 

Once you have your Bloke Starter Kit, be sure to check our blog on Skin Fitness to learn about how to keep your skin healthy. Our skin is the largest organ of our body and for that reason, caring for it should be a top priority. You’d be shocked how the skin and your overall health can be so intertwined. 

Let’s Become Better Together!